Blogging is not only a way to keep in touch with clients and the latest news of a business but also a way to reach out to new potential customers and persuade them that they are missing out on your amazing services!

For us we have always had three entities when it came to blog writing. Our very own Xploited Media Blog… Braai Brothers and the personal blog of Tez Ferguson. All three entities when combined brought in plenty to the business and also helped promote exactly what great things we have been up to!


So Where Have We Been?

The past year has been one of focused business growth, where our customers have come first in all senses of the words. Its ironic really that mechanics pay others to fix their cars… Builders get specialists in to do jobs they are just as qualified to do but its the nature of the world.

You get so involved and caught up with your line of work that the key important factors are neglected.

So that leads to the question… Where have we been?

For us it has been about customisation and creation, working on plenty of new projects. Some of which our own new entities which we are excited to talk about and some for clients which we continue to watch grow and work very closely with.


So What Have We Learnt?

With that being said what have we learnt from not writing our own content and ensuring our blog is up to date at all times?

Well to begin with we’ve learnt the importance of the saying “content is king”. From updating you on projects we are working on to creating guides to help you grow as a business there is plenty that goes flying by in the times. It truly is only when you sit back and look at what has been achieved in a year that you realise the true possibilities.


The Customer Matters

One of the key takeaways for us is that the Customer is always the primary focus, we have taken time out to get to know all of our customers, not only on a work level but also personal level. This alone helps us when building brands where we want to help portray the full personality of the amazing people behind each and every business we have worked with.



Blog Writing isn’t just a quick type and post kind of job, for us it is the research behind every post that truly gets us going. Experts in SEO and Digital Marketing you would think that we could just sit by a keyboard and blast out articles. How wrong are you!

Every single industry is constantly changing and without the research you are just another Joe Bloggs. This is what we really gain from our articles. Even if you learn nothing… Just know we learnt from it!


Frequently Asked Questions

There is certain Digital Marketing questions that are constantly being asked online whether it be via our Live Chat or email enquiries.

A simple Google search and you will usually find your answer, but moving forward we want to help answer these burning questions, whether it be; “How To Rank Number One On Google”, “How To Reduce My Bounce Rate” and so on we plan to get involved in these queries.

If you have a burning question please get in touch with us we would love to add it to our list!


Content Is King

Whilst duplicate content and key word stuffed content may destroy your Google Rankings, perfectly crafted content that answers queries that are being asked can truly be the deciding factor between your business and your local competitors.

We recently tried this out with a client who was looking to rank for a particular location and keyword. Five blog posts later and plenty of research… They find themselves laughing down on those competitors in lower Search Engine Positions.


Anyone Can Write Content

Its ironic isn’t it that we sell content writing services and constantly highlight how important content is, yet we don’t purposely do so to sell our services.

Its true anyone can write content for their own site. So long as it is written in an easy to read manner, with short sentences and includes a few pictures where necessary it truly can help grow your site.

We aren’t going to lie, a lot of research goes into all of our articles and we spend more time than most creating a structure and tone of voice to suit your business but that doesn’t mean with a little bit of practice you cannot achieve this!


We Are Alive

This post as a whole was a bit of a rant… A chance to truly highlight we are back and looking forward to sharing some great content with you moving forward.

We haven’t gone anywhere, and we would love to work with you… If you have any queries please do get in touch.


The Future?

We hate to copy other companies motto’s but “The future is bright”, and want to get a bit of that florescent tube and shine our own paths. So expect plenty more posts in the future, whether it be business updates, clients we have worked with, guides, or just quick fire queries we cannot wait to share with you our exciting future!