When it comes to surfing websites, shopping online or perhaps using social media, one thing is for sure; here in South Africa we are definitely leaning towards our mobiles more than we are our tablets and our desktop computers. In fact, almost 60% of all internet usage comes from your mobile.

Not only are mobiles incredibly easy to use, but they are also something that we will be more likely to have on you at all times. This means that when you want to take a look online, you are going to grab for your phone.

With this in mind it makes sense that your website needs to be as mobile friendly as possible, but aside from just knowing that, what are the reasons why a mobile friendly website is the way forward?

Why your website needs to be mobile friendly mobile 1 mobile friendly mobile 1

People expect it

The thing to remember about having a responsive website is that people have become used to it and they have begun to expect it when they log onto a website. If you don’t offer a responsive website, then you might end up losing a potential customer in the long-term, which isn’t ideal for you as a business.

Google expects it

It is not only people that expect you to have a responsive website, that internet giant Google will also expect it. If you are not mobile friendly, then there is a good chance that this going to definitely have an impact on how you rank and how you are seen during searches.

You can make more sales

How often have you quickly clicked on a website to do some browsing on your phone, only to find that you click buy? We can be incredibly impulsive as people and if we are able to, then chances are that we will make a purchase if we can. If your website is not responsive, then you are relying on someone logging onto your website from their laptop when they are next in front of it and chances are that you will lose that sale.

Social media is mostly mobile

One of the most common things that are looked at on a mobile phone is social media, and we all know that social media is an incredibly powerful marketing and engagement tool. This means that if you really want to make the most of your social media efforts, then you are going to need to make sure that your business is most definitely mobile.

Why your website needs to be mobile friendly mobile 2 mobile friendly mobile 2

These are just some of the reasons why a website should always be responsive. Don’t make excuses, instead, make sure that your website can be viewed across multiple devices and your business will definitely feel the benefit.

If you come to us here at Xploited then you will find that every single website that we design for you is mobile friendly. We know what it takes to make a website mobile friendly and we will work hard to ensure that your website has everything that it needs, no matter the service or product that you are offering.