2020, what a year! With the wrath of COVID-19 changing the world as we know it – possibly forever – the way your business operates itself will be affected. Those who are already operating online may be at an advantage.

Goodbye to a world of face-to-face sales, promotion and help-desks. Hello to the new world of online operating. Because of COVID-19, many of your customers and staff will probably avoid coming in to your shop in the pursuit of social distancing, which means moving operations online may be your saving grace. Plus, you’ll save a ton of money by cutting your overhead costs and can reinvest into assets and promotion.


The ease of access to website creation is easier than ever before. The main website-building titans (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix…) are not only affordable but offer incredible tools to make the investment worth every penny. If you feel overwhelmed by the conventional website building methods, check out the app alternatives on your app store. 

Wix is currently the leading app for mobile web design.

With the ability to capture user data for research and analysis, to create brand awareness, to conduct promotion, and to facilitate sales without expensive overheads, now is the right time to move online, especially if your country is in lockdown. 

By having an operational, beautiful website, you will be running 24/7 in the eye of the public, as well as promoting your business by just existing on the web.

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Internet is being utilized in almost every economy, enabling research to be easier than ever, whether that’s through online surveys, data collection analysis, or customer feedback. The cost of research can be greatly reduced, as operating online opens the opportunity for online survey captures, online reviews, and analyzing competitions’ data.

Social Media

Social media has flooded market in recent years, with a market volume of $132 million (by 2024). Most successful companies have pushed to achieve an online presence with their brand. By utilizing social media, you can begin to take advantage of instant customer support and interaction, branding, information on user traffic, customer relationship development and advertisement. Plus, it makes networking with other businesses more accessible than ever.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO has become one of the most popular methods of online marketing. When utilized, it will help you grow your website traffic which will lead you to more exposure, business opportunities and finally, income.