Not a long time ago, building a website involved a lot of back and forth processes between copywriters, developers, etc. But, not anymore—thanks to Elementor!

Decades ago, it took several months to get a few simple modifications updated on your website. However, nowadays, building a website will only take two weeks to a few months to complete using Elementor, depending on the content amount on your site. 


Currently, knowing how to code isn’t required to develop engaging websites. This is because page builders like Elementor make it easy for non-coders to make any WordPress website they want.

With this guide, you will learn more about Elementor, along with its benefits and how it can help you build a spectacular website.


Elementor in a Nutshell

On a more detailed note, this is a visual drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress. This plugin helps you make stunning pages using a visual editor. It is designed to build engaging websites quickly.

It’s basically divided into two parts—the visual and the drag & drop. The visual denotes that what you see while designing your content will also be the same design your visitors will see. Hence, there’s no confusion about how your page will look when you publish it.


The second one is drag & drop. This basically allows you to move around different design elements, such as buttons, images, or forms—just by dragging and dropping them. No more complicated coding required!

As a result, you can make your WordPress website look the way you want without needing to learn to code or even hire a developer. But, if you’re busy doing this on your own, you can hire a reliable website design company like Xploited Media to do the job for you!


This WordPress plugin is your all-in-one solution —allowing you to control each part of your website design on a single platform. You can also customise your website to fit your brand identity using multiple fonts, motion effects, and enhanced background images.

The WordPress editor is also fine but only for simple blog posts. This is because it doesn’t offer numerous design options and you can’t view what your design will truly look like until you hit the preview button—and this is where Elementor comes in!


It fixes that issue by providing you full drag-and-drop design flexibility with a live, visual builder—no CSS or HTML knowledge required. This also offers myriad design choices and dozens of pre-built content widgets from buttons to forms, pricing tables, sliders, and more. 

In addition to developing individual pages and posts, you can also use Elementor to create your whole WordPress themes, such as your header, footer, and more!


What Can You Create Using an Elementor?

Building Website

Elementor is a practical tool used for almost building anything — from whole websites to particular landing pages. This can be promotional pages, design sales pages, and even custom forms!


Why Should You Use Elementor?

This tool works for all professionals on your team. If you’re not tech-savvy, this visual editor presents you the flexibility to drag any of the over 90 widgets to create content progress bars, star ratings, and like buttons.

For WordPress designers, the Elementor is still a top-choice venue with custom attributes, script optimisation, and rollback versions.


How Does Elementor Works?

Elementor is a graphic WordPress website builder that substitutes the basic WordPress editor with a live frontend editor. As a result, you can create more complex layouts visually and design your website live without needing to switch from the editor to preview mode. 

With this, you can build exquisite and functional designs without requiring to use code, CSS, or rely on developers’ help. The designs you make are responsive by default—which means they’ll automatically look great on desktop, mobile, and tablet.


Moreover, the user interface (UI) is intuitive and beginner-friendly. Best of all, it’s built with the latest technologies, offering a fast, lag-free design experience. This literally means that you can make designs quicker without being slowed down by glitches or lags.


Is Elementor Free?

The Elementor plugin is 100% free with an option to upgrade into the Pro version. The Pro version has more advanced capabilities and features and starts at $49 for a single site’s use.

To give you some insight into the differences between Elementor free vs Pro and which version is best for you, take time to read on. 


Elementor Free Version

For the free version of Elementor, you’ll have access to the visual, drag-and-drop editor with a wide selection of widgets and style choices that you can use in designing your content. You can also use it to create separate blog posts and pages only by launching the Elementor editor when you’re revising a page or post.


Generally, you’ll be fine with the free version of Elementor if you only want to add some style to your blog posts or design some basic landing pages. However, if you intend to use Elementor to design your whole website, Elementor Pro would be the best choice for you with its unique new features,  templates, and design options.


Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is a high-powered tool for web designers and other professionals. With this, you’ll be able to create your entire theme using Elementor’s interface, such as your header, footer, blog post templates, etc.

You can also make global settings to let you efficiently control the design palette for your entire website. Elementor Pro also offers new features with additions like the visual form builder, new design options with scrolling effects, custom positioning, Advanced Custom Fields, Pods, Toolset, and many more!

Moreover, you also get access to many new, beautiful pre-built templates, helping you save more time.


What is the Benefit of Using Elementor?

Using this tool has a lot of benefits. For instance, it helps you add advanced styling, design elements, and layout to your WordPress content without requiring you to learn to code. 

With the Pro version, you can design your entire WordPress theme without having to learn any of those complicated codes.


Taking Everything Into Account

Elementor is a great tool to use in designing web pages, content, and many more without any hassle on your part. Everything is made simple, so even if you’re not a professional developer or web designer, it won’t matter much as this wonder tool simplified everything for you!

So, even if you’re not tech-savvy, it’s highly possible to create a website without needing to learn how to code and even use the pre-built templates and customise the one you like to suit your brand. But, if you’re too busy and want a professional website design company to do this job for you, we are more than willing to help you out!


Just contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to design the best website for your business!