We all know what conventional marketing is, and most of us cringe when we read the generic, repetitive adverts and catchphrases we see on most webpages. Content marketing is where that changes. Content marketing means creating content that is relevant to your market, which keeps your market intrigued and inspired. 

‘Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.’ – Joe Pulizzi 

Content marketing is the kind of marketing you should want to use in your business. It is the kind of marketing that consumers enjoy consuming. It’s entertainment with a purpose, if you will. 

content video

Some examples might include: 

  • Videos: 

Videos form a genre of content marketing that is widely untapped. The common myth that creating video content is expensive and difficult stops so many people from creating that which they want to create. However, creating video content is easier and cheaper now than it has ever been before! So, if you have a small business and you have valuable skills to offer, consider this as a means of sharing those skills, and in so doing attracting customers.

  • Webpages: 

Yes, as straight forward as it may seem, you can (and should) use webpages on your website to market yourself. Now, this isn’t simply advertising your services or describing them. These webpages should be interesting and could be answering some FAQ you have the answers to. For example, if you own a wine business (and you have a website) you could include a webpage answering a FAQ about wine, such as ‘What are the different kinds of wine, and how do I choose?’ Blog posts like these can bring a lot of traffic to your website. 

This is a big one, especially in today’s world. Social media is something so many of us can spend hours on each day, and therefore it is the ideal place to advertise. But, in order for your marketing to have an impact you must create interesting and engaging content. Gone are the days of grey, repetitive advertising – we’ve outgrown that phase! So, keep it short, sweet, relevant, and FUN. 

  • Graphics: 

This will mostly include infographics. What are infographics? They are a visual representation of the data you are wishing to share, ie: graphs or diagrams. Infographics are a great means of sharing information because we humans love visual stimulation. It makes information that much easier to digest! Graphic design can also form a key part of content marketing, as it plays on, again, the love of visual stimulation we have as humans. It can bring a brightness to a page that nothing else can, especially when it is a design that is unique to your page. 

Now that you know what content marketing actually is, take a look at why we think it is important to use in your business!