Promoting your small business online via a website is a must in today’s era. However, small businesses should be aware of web design disasters first.


So, what are the web design disasters to avoid? The web design disasters you need to avoid to ensure excellent website performance include poor navigation, non-responsive design, low-quality images or visual elements, not easily accessible site, etc.


As a startup or small business owner, you’re responsible for ensuring more control over these things. If you’re not adept at creating a responsive design, you can hire a professional web designer or web development company to optimise your existing website or online store.


They can also design a new website for you if you don’t have one yet. In this guide, I’ll introduce you to the seven web design disasters your business needs to avoid this 2022.


Web Design Disaster #1: Poor Navigation.

Poor navigation is one of the web design mistakes many businesses face. With poor navigation, your visitor’s attention will turn to other sites that offer a much better user experience than your website. This is one of the web design disasters that you must resolve if you want traffic to your website.


Not offering a webpage that people can easily explore can be disastrous, resulting in a decreased number of your website visitors. Customers won’t waste their time understanding how your site’s navigation works.


We live in a technology-filled era where almost everything is delivered to us instantly, and anything longer will make people abandon your website. Have you gone to the site to look for some info and not been able to find the menu or the search bar? It isn’t very unpleasant! And what do you usually do? You leave—the same goes for your visitors.


So, always make sure the navigational aspects of your website are straightforward, so it will be easily understood by the users and much easier to notice. Solving the web design disasters will make sure your business will have fruitful results.


Web Design Disaster #2: Not Analysing the Current Web Pages.

page analysis

Other web design disasters to avoid this 2022 are not analysing your current web pages and hiring web designers without prior knowledge of what needs to be changed. You must know the reason for rebuilding your page to avoid having the same issues again with your site.


To avoid this mistake, go over each piece of information and start analysing your customers’ behaviour. How many visitors go to your website? Did they explore it or only visit the main page? Did they read your blog posts? Did they leave a comment?


You’ll better understand the problems and make the best solution for them by answering these questions. This way, you’ll attract visitors’ attention since it’s the most common reason they visit your website.


Web Design Disaster #3: Not Mobile-Friendly.

Mobile-friendly website

In this current generation, most searches are done on mobile devices. So, most users expect they can access your blog post or the content of your small business website on their mobile phones or tablets.


Not doing so will result in a high bounce rate that may result in substantial profit loss. You must make sure that you have a mobile-friendly site before taking on your digital marketing efforts to avoid saving money and stay ahead in the business online.


Your web content should always be ready to read on phones, so a mobile-friendly design process is fundamental. This will give users an excellent user experience by using the best practice in your new project in web design or web app development.


Web Design Disasters #4: Poor Images Quality or Visually Unappealing.

Ensure quality assurance

Other web design disasters that you should avoid at any cost are—using images with poor quality or visually unappealing. Many small business owners have skipped or forgotten about this web design aspect, focusing on other matters, such as SEO and other stuff.


Although your site should be highly functional and attract search engines, it also has to be appealing. Let’s be honest, the design of your web page is the first thing people notice on your website, and if they don’t find it interesting, they won’t likely explore your site.


To ensure this aspect of web design disasters won’t happen, think about the mix of colours and fonts you use, add high-quality images, etc. Depending on your business type and the clients you like to attract, going for a minimalist design is ideal since it loads fast and appears clean and well-organised.


On the other hand, if your target audience is younger people, opt for a fun and vibrant design, but never overdo it to avoid slow load times on your site. You can hire professional web developers or design experts to do this job for you.


Web Design Mistake #5: Boring and Unrelevant Content.

Though not directly related to web design or web development, content is what makes your website come to life. So, this aspect shouldn’t be taken for granted either. Your target audience will likely not move if your content is boring and irrelevant.


Such a mistake will only result in visitors’ attention diminishing from your site and going to your competitors’ pages. So, ensure writing a valuable piece of article that features the answers of your site’s visitors.


That way, you can create connections with the users or visitors of your website. Make sure to write in short paragraphs to be easy to read.

As much as possible, keep your articles brief yet concise so that your readers will appreciate them.


Web Design Mistake #6: Not Implementing Search Engine Optimisation.

Forgetting about SEO is another mistake that you must avoid. SEO is the most crucial aspect of web design. 


You have to do the best that you can to boost your SEO ratings. This is the ONLY way to ensure your website will pop up as soon as users type in the keywords you are using in your articles.


However, multiple things should be considered to achieve this goal. Use the right keywords, make sure to compress the size of the images you use, and limit the use of social media links, among others.


If you don’t have some knowledge of search engine optimisation, you can hire an SEO expert for the job. Make sure to deal with this and other web design disasters to ensure a good website performance.


Web Design Mistake #7: Cluttered Main Page.

Businesses with cluttered main pages are likely to distract their customers from the primary purpose of your website. So, make sure it’s clutter-free. This is one of the web design disasters to avoid in for your business.


It’s best to find the perfect balance when you design the main page and provide all the information with your visitor needs, such as contact info, etc. Also, avoid offering too much information as it will over clutter your page, confusing your visitors.


This is why a proper website organisation is crucial. Instead of writing everything on your pages, carefully organise your website layout. Display your logo and short information about your company on the main page.


After that, you need to have a separate section where you can list all your products or services. Then, create your “About Us” section where you can introduce yourself and write the contact info.

There should also be a blog section on your website where you will post your latest articles.


Taking All Into Account

So, above are the web design disasters your business should avoid this 2022 to ensure your website will perform to its maximum capability. Consider reviewing them on your site and make the necessary changes.


That way, you will have an excellent website performance that will bring growth to your business.