Top 7 Reasons to Create a Website

As a small business owner, establishing a strong online presence is necessary to succeed. This is why it’s essential to create a website.

With a professional website, you can create a customer base online, sell products or professional services, and increase your business’ trust and credibility. This also aids in reaching out to new customers and staying competitive even amidst tough competitors in the market.

This guide will present to you the top reasons you have to create a website and how this is an effective strategy to get discovered by more visitors on the Internet.


Professional Website in a Nutshell

A professional website is a collection of web pages that include:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Contact us page
  • Blog/article page 

These pages can be created and found in a content management system (CMS) like WordPress. This also involves other related content, identified by a common domain name, such as,, etc. and published on a web server.


Having your own website also helps you connect with potential customers on the Internet or web and turn them into paying customers. Individuals with small businesses create a website for the following reasons:

  • Selling products and professional services
  • Communicating with other companies (B2B) and customers (B2C).
  • Finding and posting information on the web
  • Acquiring knowledge
  • Showcasing creative talent (painting, writing, etc.) and many more.

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How Does Having Your Own Website Aids in Business Success

By creating your own website, you have the opportunity to build your online presence and connect to more customers online. It also ensures that you’ll stay competitive in your market through the insights available in various tools, such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, SurferSEO and more.


In such a way, you can see the needed changes or improvements you need to make on your website or content. This often involves improving your content, links, etc., which is very helpful to be found in Google search results and other search engines.


When you create a website, it added value to your business in the following ways:

  • Collect Visitor’s Information.
  • Draw More Local Audiences.
  • Drive Visitors Towards Conversions.
  • Increase Your Credibility Online and Among Your Customers.
  • Humanise Your Business Processes.

Now that you already know what a website is and how they help your business let’s move on to the top seven reasons you should create a website for your business.


1. You Have to Create a Website to Make Your Business Searchable By Search Engine.

Search Engine

Having your own website or personal websites, you can cut costs in marketing and save money for other things, such as extra funding for your business. Aside from that, it makes your sites searchable by search engines.

However, you have to ensure that your website is SEO-optimised to make that happen. This part can be technical, so hiring a web design or development company is very helpful in acquiring an SEO-optimised website.

People don’t just skim to the Internet to find companies they want to do business with—but more particularly, visit search engines. According to a source, over 90% of online experiences or purchases begin with a search engine. 

Furthermore, over half of these searches are targeted towards local businesses. To put this simply, not only that your site will be searchable via search engines, but it will also bring in new local customers to your business, which will bring in more money to your company. 


2. You Need to Create a Website to Build Credibility Among Your Customers.


When it comes to influencing consumers to buy, the first impression is essential. According to a statistic, 57% of people won’t recommend a poorly designed mobile site business. You get that right—consumers make judgements concerning your business based on the appearance of your site.

Having a professionally designed, SEO-optimised, easy-to-use website with a specific domain from a reliable web hosting company can help you convey more easily to potential customers that you are a reputable company they want to do business with.


3. Creating a Website Means You Can Do SEO-Optimisation On Your Blog or Articles and Website in General.

SEO Optimisation

Let’s be honest—every company wants to get the best value of every dollar in their budget. Having a site optimised for search engines can be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies when it comes to marketing.

Are you thinking about embarking on SEO yourself? Although it’s doable, we wouldn’t suggest that—IF you’re serious about making money with your business. 

Nonetheless, there are some basic tactics that you can take to set yourself to be found in search engines.


4. Your Website Remains Active 24/7, Allowing Customers to Access Your Website Whenever They Need it.

Unlike a physical business, which most likely does not function or communicate with customers after store hours, your website remains open 24/7. This indicates that even when your team is not available to interact with individuals looking to do business with you, your website is still accessible and able to provide valuable information. 

Your website will serve as a point of contact—even allowing customers to purchase or submit their orders.


5. Your Business Competitors Are Already Using It On Their Advantage.

While 36% of small businesses don’t have their own business website, 64% do. This means that most small businesses already have an established online presence.

It’s also highly possible that your competitors have a website targeting the locals in your area. If you want to be relevant for a long time and stay competitive within your domain, your business must have a footmark online.

This not only enables you to stay competitive but also assists in establishing your role as an advanced, tech-savvy business. 


6. Website Creation Helps Your Business Grow.

If you’re planning to grow your business and bring in new customers, having a website is an effective strategy—small and startup businesses who’ve tested launching a website report being delighted with their success. 

Surveys show that 81% of companies that launched their websites noticed business growth, and 97% of business owners would recommend owning a website to other small business owners.


7. Building Websites for Your Businesses Improve Your Company’s Brand and Image.

Owning a website is a unique way to hone your brand—using your own distinct aesthetic, vocabulary, and more. It’s the ideal platform to shape your company’s narrative and share it with your audience.

By creating and managing your own website and content, you get to paint the picture of your business the way you want. It gives general knowledge about your company to your audience.

It also allows you to publish high-quality writing or post more articles to the blog section of your websites that help your website visitors discover the information they need. 

It’s also one of the best ways to have free communication with your site visitors and offer quality products, services and content.



To succeed in an online business, you have to create a website, have a reliable hosting company by your side, and write and publish highly relevant content to connect with your audience and have a good lasting first impression. If you are still testing the waters before deciding to pay for a website, Xploited Media offers startups and small business owners a FREE WEBSITE.

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