Web design is a critical part of any website. We have come up with web design trends for 2022, enabling your site to be more interactive, appealing, and efficient.


Website design trends for 2022 are the latest web design trends built for a more meaningful engagement. They are the result of the past few years’ design elements that can be improved to a much better form.


That means website designers continue to find ways to enhance the user experience for website visitors. This helps improve your sales numbers and increase the visual interest of most users on the internet that visit your site.

So, to give you the newest and top web design trends, here are the ten web design trends for 2022 to make your website more interactive:


1. Page Speed

Page Speed

Page speed is another web design trend that won’t stop emerging on top of the website design trends lists. This is because this isn’t only a part of web trends BUT a crucial factor in ranking your content on search engines.

With that being said, never ignore page speed when building new page designs, building brand-new websites, or launching website updates. Not doing so can result in possible traffic loss, low conversions, poor ranking in search results, etc.


Website visitors on the world wide web nowadays are after fast experiences, and search engines like Google are now assessing websites based on the page speed of their sites for search engine optimisation. So, make sure your site is fast-loading.

To improve your page speed, you can consider the following steps:

  • Always compress the images you are using.
  • Compact the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code.
  • Use a CDN or content distribution network.

You can consider investing in page speed optimisation services to support you and your in-house development team achieve your goals. Instead of constantly stressing about your site’s speed, you have a trusted web design agency to manage and maximise the website speed for you.


2. Bold Typography

The big and bold typography is among the web design trends that aren’t new to website visitors and web designers. That’s why it’s an absolute classic of website design that perhaps—won’t ever fade!


This helps catch the user’s attention quickly and makes reading much easier than the small, regular typography. Although it may not appear to have a wow factor like many techno extravaganzas, it’s still an element that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

After all, it is back as a must-have design trend this 2022!


3. Custom Illustrations

Custom Illustrations

Before all the advances in technology, many designers used the traditional web design for all landing pages. However, with the advancement of society and knowledge, a web designer can now create websites more appealing with custom illustration software.


Custom illustrations bring life to both your brand and website. Gone are the cookie-cutter stock images days, with websites integrating custom illustrations as a part of web design trends in 2022.

This makes your brand unique and adds brand awareness and an enjoyable user experience.


An example of custom site illustrations is abstract illustrations. This one is more organic in texture and a feeling of the human hand creating them, which are becoming more popular these days.

While clean, poppy vector graphics and adorable illustrations of objects and humans have ruled web design for some years now. It could be that people are skimming for something that feels slightly more natural and refined.


4. Motion Graphic Design

Motion Graphic Design

This design element is one of the emerging trends of the current UX design trend, which incorporates motion, as its name suggests. This design is also known as motion graphics—a valuable website design trend that should never be taken for granted.


It incorporates animation and visual effects, such as animated text, web-based animations, films, videos, and even apps!

An example of this is parallax scrolling—one of the web design trends for 2022. This website design allows you to reveal more of the site each time you scroll, making it look like your site is telling a story to your site visitor.


5. White Space

Sometimes, web designs are not all about colours and putting extra things during the design process. Most modern web design trends for 2022 involve minimalism with the help of the white space trend, which is much like a print in a magazine.


This helps visitors during page transitions through all your site pages, streaming from one element to the next, creating a visual hierarchy where no part distracts from the whole.

The white space design gives the viewers’ eyes room to rest. It also helps apprehend the illustrative relationships between page elements.


For instance, when two elements are close together with only a little white space, human eyes can view them as one unit. On the other hand, if the two aspects are distant, your eyes will likely view them separately.

With that being said, knowing how to use the white space correctly on your website will help enhance user experience (UX).


6. Advance Focus on UX/UI

Modern web design trends for 2022 focus on humans, which will become even more significant in the succeeding years. Your site’s UX should ideally be smooth, uninterrupted, and engaging, which means it should be:

  • Fast loading
  • Minimal clutter (consider using white space)
  • Relevant, scannable, and SEO-optimised
  • Multimedia


Website designers envelop functionality with inventiveness, creating a great UX, and leaning into a clean design, while still being unique and creative in all aspects. Your website’s user interface (UI) should be intuitive this 2022, which means having:

  • Balanced motion design
  • Incorporate images with image captions
  • No distracting elements
  • Video transcriptions
  • Voice-enabled interfaces


You can also level up the UX/UI of your website by furnishing websites visitors with easy-to-read relevant content and user-friendly interfaces.


7. Dynamic Grid

Many designers in the digital space use CSS Grid Layout to bring all the capabilities of print layout to the web.

It is a 2D grid layout design for Cascading Styles Sheet—a coding language describing the layout of an HTML site page. With the help of the grid, website designers can make layouts for complex responsive website design more effortlessly and invariably across browsers.


On top of that, it also empowers you to build a clean, organised aesthetic effortlessly.


8. Retro Design Elements

The past has always been a great area to take inspiration, and many website designers are finally catching up. As everyone might have already known, the entire design is evolving—from handmade graphics, oversized typography, UI elements, and illustrated graphics—there are many creative ways to take advantage of this emerging trend, including retro designs!


Retro designs often include bright backgrounds, robotic typefaces, and visual table layouts. If done well, these elements can come together to form a collective, nostalgic design experience that every user will get drawn to.

So, this 2022, never miss a beat and try out the retro design to relay a nostalgic site ambience to your audience, along with perfectly crafted SEO-optimised content.


9. Geometric Shapes

This design can help build a unique visual identity. This website design trend is becoming more and more common due to its low-bandwidth consumption compared to heavy photos, which are usually more complex and take longer to download.


10. Neo-Brutalism Design

Neo-Brutalism is an architectural movement from the 50s up to the 70s. This design has always been bold, brutal, and straightforward.


It primarily focused on using raw and exposed materials, such as concrete, in architectural design. This comprises combining:

  • Asymmetrical layout
  • Barebones unstyled HTML
  • Default computer fonts
  • Untreated photos


Since neo-Brutalism is remarkably crisp, it will likely entice a visitor heavily. One of the reasons it is so is because it presents a picture of authenticity, which most people respect and love.


In need of more top web design trends for 2022?

The year 2022 looks promising for website design trends, with many awe-inspiring website norms prepared to take over the digital world.

We are so pumped up this year as we can’t wait to see how designers will use these web design trends for 2022!

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