When it comes to your business, one thing that you should never underestimate is the power and importance of your website. It is the hub and heart of your business, it is the place where people can learn more about you and it is also the place where people can contact you to buy your product or your

It is important that you focus on keeping your website up to date and also looking great, however, you also want to make sure that it is secure too.

The importance of SSL for your website importance ssl 2 SSL for your website importance ssl 2

Website security

In fact, as the online world grows, so do those who want to take advantage of it. As the ruler of the worldwide web, Google decided that they wanted to take steps towards making sure that the websites of the world were as safe as possible, which means that there was a huge drive towards ensuring that website owners used HTTPS, this would ensure that any data that was sent between the host website and the users computers is securely transmitted and cannot be mis-used.

Last year security became even more of a concern and the safety measure that every businesses website has to go through have become even more rigorous. So much so, that those websites who have not adopted the HTTPS approach will be marked as not being secure and those who have HTTPS will be shown as having an SSL certificate. But what is an SSL certificate and why is it so important?

SSL certificates

SSL certificates are not a new thing, in fact, they have been around for over 20 years. However, it seems in recent years they have become all the more important. SSL certificates mean that any data that is being sent through the network of your website is secure. The data is encrypted and it should be well protected from those who want to mis-use it.

The importance of SSL for your website importance ssl 3 SSL for your website importance ssl 3

Having this SSL certificate shows that you care about the security of those who use your website, that you are taking protecting their data seriously and that you are professional and trustworthy business. SSL certificates also have a hugely positive effect on SEO for your website. Showing that you have this will instantly boost your website in the search rankings, if only a small amount and may even give you an all-important edge of your competitors.

It makes perfect sense to invest in SSL for your website, whether it is to show that you take security seriously or to make sure that you don’t get left behind from your competitors and that you do your best to attract customers to your website and to your business too.

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