The First Steps Of Making A Homepage In WordPress

Feature image for homepage wordpress guide

Log into your WordPress site

On the tool bar on the left side go to page and select add new

Name the page home and say select publish

Now create a new page and call it “News” or “blogs” or a title that will suit your website, we will be going with a blog page as this is the page where our posts will apear.

Once you have made your 2 pages now selects appearance , then select Customize

Select Homepage Settings

Now you will want to select “A static page” and select your homepage and Post page.
Then select publish so these changes are made.

Now when you visit your website you will see the page you selected. All though it is a blank looking page or has text placeholders but still you have made the first steps in building your website.

Now all you need to do is add your style and information to your pages.

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