It is now quite simple for a company to develop an effective internet presence these days. There are several platforms, such as GoDaddy, SquareSpace, and Wix, that provide superior web construction and hosting services.

They give you the most comprehensive all-in-one solutions, from a lovely website to hosting and domain names to eCommerce and awesome templates, as well as analytics and 24/7 assistance.

You may also use an online business to advertise your company. You can also set up a Google Business Page, a LinkedIn profile, or Social Media pages to market your internet business. It’s critical to figure out what will work best for your goals.

To succeed, many businesses choose to develop a strong brand by being active on social media platforms and a high-quality functional website.

However, it’s vital to understand the specifics of utilizing a website and social media for your online brand or business. So, let’s look at what works best for your company.


Blooming Online Businesses and Brands

Local business on the internet is the most effective mode of reaching larger potential customers, making money, expressing oneself, and developing. With billions of people logging on to the internet daily, business on the internet is the primary means for reaching a bigger audience, earning money, speaking out, and evolving.

The distinction between social and for-profit companies is blurring with the rise of internet-only enterprises. Social businesses are more popular than their physical counterparts by a long shot due to the ease of executing tasks and improved and more sophisticated equipment.

Every day, millions of individuals create a new Facebook company page or account for their business. From gardening lessons, baking sessions, and career advice to travel vlog channels and digital art industry pages, there’s something for everyone; it’s all about selling the product/service and converting consumers.

Owners and entrepreneurs recognize that having a business website and social media platforms are the most excellent methods to get in touch with them. The increasing need for e-commerce sites, home delivery options, ease of COD model, variety of choice, and so on have made way for these brands.

However, claiming that any of the two alternatives below will work for businesses is less convincing because each has its own set of possibilities.

Website vs. Social Media Platforms

Should I Create My Own Website or Stick to a Social Media Page? website vs social media website website vs social media

What is Social Media Platform?

Social media has become a part of our everyday existence. It primarily communicates or interacts with people online via social networks. This last decade, not only among individuals but also businesses, has seen a significant increase in the popularity of social media.

Let’s look at the name, which is probably the first step toward better understanding social media.

We start with the most basic definitions and progress to the more complex ones. The following definition is one example: “Social platforms are applications or platforms that allow people or organizations to socialize with their audience.”

This is, in fact, the most acceptable approach to utilizing social media sites. Many businesses make the error of posting lengthy, not-so-friendly text on social networking sites as a marketing strategy.

How can I be pleasant on social media? For your content to be friendly or nice, it must fulfill these three requirements:

  1. Be interactive or engaging,
  2. Connect people or maintain connections,
  3. Provide value to all parties included in this social exchange.

If you’ve completed all three with a “check,” you’re doing exactly what was intended by social media.

Both social media and websites have benefits and drawbacks. We want to compare the two side by side to see who wins!

Advantages of Social Media Sites

Should I Create My Own Website or Stick to a Social Media Page? Social Media Marketing Software website Social Media Marketing Software


The most significant benefit of social media is that they are free to use. The opposite is true for websites, where there is a cost for development and upkeep. You may share your material with a large audience and use social media for free and sharing it for free.

Requires Little-to-No Technical Expertise

Most platforms are simple to use and don’t require any technical knowledge. There are precise forms to complete on a company page that ask for all of your essential business information in an organized and easy-to-understand manner.

Do you have no idea how to code? That’s fine. All you have to do is fill out the blanks with your data, add some pictures, and you’re done.

An easy and low-commitment way

Once you start using a social media platform to promote your business/brand, you don’t have to stick to it for a long time, particularly if you are not getting any results. You can switch to another platform anytime after deleting your existing account.

Brand Promotion

Most people prefer to shop from brand pages they follow on social websites. By viewing the profile of a company on a social network, customers can learn about its purpose and value. This helps them to develop loyalty towards their brand. They also learn about your mission and how you respond to their queries or doubts.

Customer engagement

With a popular social media profile, you can get the attention of several buyers. This encourages businesses to facilitate interaction and create relationships.

Attract customers globally

Most businesses redirect the visitors to their site to their social media profiles. This helps them to get an increased revenue every year.

Disadvantages of Social Media

Open Forum

When you have a social media site, the customers can easily interact with you, but all the messages get filtered through the third-party platform. This means they can ask questions and raise the number of customer complaints and feedback. This doesn’t give you complete control over your site. You cannot decide who will put a comment on your site. You can only request your past clients to leave comments on your social pages.

Lower design variations

Using social media for your business promotion will give you a disadvantage of limited designs. This means you must follow a given layout without making any changes. However, you can adjust the profile picture and header.

No ownership

When you create a social media platform for your business online, you must follow their terms and conditions. This means you cannot present any post content and promotions in their states. Even if you have to do a contest, you will need to comply with their rules. You must consider building a website if you are only using a social media profile for your business. Just think about what will you do if the service provider closes the social website or suspend your page?

Low variety of reporting tools

Most social websites offer a limited variety of reporting tools and other necessary features. So you can only access the information they want to share with you.

Advantages of Having a Website

Should I Create My Own Website or Stick to a Social Media Page? Website Building Landscape 1280x640 1 website Website Building Landscape 1280x640 1

Improves business credibility

According to a recent 2019 poll, more than 80% of customers feel that companies with websites are trustworthy. It will strengthen your company’s reputation and credibility if you have a website.


Nowadays, there are several cost-effective alternatives for developing a high-quality website. It all depends on your company’s size, needs, and budget. According to it, you may review various packages that will help you reach your business goals faster. You have the option to make any necessary modifications or improvements at a later date without any significant investment.

Helpful for better marketing

When you start your own business, you can quickly and efficiently communicate with many individuals. This allows you to grow your client base while also increasing income. Having an online presence may offer more useful features for marketing your company. It includes blogs, video clips, a customer comments section, and other appealing sales promotions.

Get complete control

A website gives you complete control over what is posted on it. You may use attractive elements to make your site more appealing to visitors. You may begin with free templates or a modest web design company. It will allow you to customize your website to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Overhead expense reduction

You can quickly promote your business with a solid online presence. Today’s customers prefer to obtain information about any brand or business through the internet. It will save you money by lowering the cost of running your company, including paid social media marketing.

Available 24/7 

You may provide world-class services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with an effective website. As a result, most clients can interact with your company from across the globe without facing timezone difficulties.


Work hard to attract traffic – You’ll have to put in more time and effort to get many visitors to your website. Not only that, but you may need to develop and implement an effective lead-generation strategy.

Highly complicated – If you want to make your website more appealing with sophisticated designs and functionality. You’ll have to spend more money and time building it if you do it yourself. This may be quite difficult if you attempt to create it on your own.

Regular maintenance – Whether you have a tiny or a well-established firm, keeping your website up to date with all the important information is critical. You’ll need to put in plenty of effort and time for this.

Web Design Considerations

Should I Create My Own Website or Stick to a Social Media Page? dh website builders 6 website dh website builders 6

If your primary aim is to establish an “online presence,” platforms like GoDaddy and WordPress that allow you to build your website from a template are fine. They have nice templates, but a website might do so much more for your company.

In other words, your first website should be created in such a way that it can assist the appearance, feel, messaging, and value propositions of your business to the greatest extent feasible.

Businesses with a budget beyond the bare minimum may benefit from using a web design platform that frees you from the constraints of template-based designs.

One of the most incredible benefits is that it allows you to develop your brand in any way or form you choose. This is especially true as your company grows. Freedom from a template-based system enables you to alter services and product offerings over time without being confined by the template pattern.

Conclusion: Should you create a website or Stick to a Social Media Page?

The answer is to utilize a website and social media approach. You combine them in order to achieve the maximum benefits.

By utilizing social media as a content strategy to attract leads, you may create a website that can pull leads through the funnel in which you have control of your branding and their user experience.

Consider social media to be a marketing effort. Social networking sites are similar to an event at which you want to bring prospects onto your website so they may learn more about your goods or services and place an order there.

You’ll have social media channels that enthuse and engage with your audience, leading them to your website to purchase or book your services if you do it right.

A website isn’t any better than social networking sites, and vice versa. However, when both are used together, they form an effective brand experience. It’s up to you whether you want to use a website or a social media presence as your company’s main sales channel.

You are the one who makes the choice to invest in your website and link all of your marketing efforts together. You may either do it yourself utilizing website builders or hire a professional web designer to assist you.

We Can Help You Do it Right.

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