Sustainable Garden Solutions.

Growing With Your Garden

To create, develop, maintain and link a range of habitats, rich in biodiversity with the aim of creating aesthetically pleasing, sustainable spaces that both humans and the accompanied native wildlife can coexist in, together, peacefully.

Maintaining and developing the home and garden for kind and honest people by kind and honest people. Providing a fair and loving service and relationship to and with everyone involved to reach optimal satisfaction for all.

Giving back all the while by donating time, energy and money to worthwhile causes.


About the Client.



Sustainable Garden Solutions sustainablegardensolutions web Sustainable Garden Solutions sustainablegardensolutions web

About this project.

Once we understood the background of Ace Hydraulics and how they wanted to proceed with their website we put together a plan that was simplistic and effective at the same time.

We therefore based the wire frame for the website on a WordPress basis, enabling them the basic CMS platform to edit aspects internally.

Attached with a customisable theme we went to work developing the site with further tweaks ready for further expansion.

With the ability for a store and blogging capabilities, the client was pleased with the final product.

Further to this we enabled basic SEO and Speed tweaks to ensure the site worked to its best abilities.

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