Diamond Dreams Dancewear.

All your dancewear needs

Diamond Dreams Dancewear is your one stop for all the best dance costumes you will ever need under one website.

Built and desined to help you pick the perfect outfit to improve your dance performance


About the Client.




About this project.

Once we understood the background of Diamond Dream Dancewear and how they wanted to proceed with their website we put together a plan that was simplistic and effective at the same time.

Therefore we made the Website with a simple seamless feel to it. As if you were wearing one of the many items on the site.

Attached with a customisable theme we went to work developing the site with further tweaks ready for further expansion.

With the ability for a store and simple image use showing the clients close up and in-depth details of each outfit. Making it quick and easy for whoever visits the site to make a quick decision on what they want and need.

Further to this we enabled basic SEO and Speed tweaks to ensure the site worked to its best abilities.

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