Now before we begin let us explain this isn’t 500,000 visitors per month to our website! This is primarily visitors to our Pinterest page. We will be writing a follow up article about conversions and how to convert Pinterest Visitors into Website Visitors, however that is a story for another day.

So let us begin…


The Purpose

Why did we decide to grow our Pinterest account? It was merely a test to prove the power of Social Media with very little effort. If we can create such a solid growth in a short period of time from merely some basic Pinterest Hacks imagine the power your business could have if you implemented a solid Social Media Management strategy into your Pinterest account.


Why Pinterest?

With most modern Social Media Marketers focusing their time and efforts into platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as they are the “big three”, various other Social Media Platforms are neglected.

One of the bigger platforms that we always highlight is Pinterest. Although the demographics may be slightly different to those of Facebook, it doesn’t mean its not a place to collect potential customers or at least help build your brand name.

If others are spending their time and efforts on other platforms why not steal the competition in different mediums?

Still not convinced? Take a look at the official stats!


Our Target Market

Nearly every day 2 millions people pin product rich pins, and whilst Food, Drink and Technology seemed to be the most popular category for men, for the 80% focus of users being female who’s key interests are Food, Decor and Fashion.

For our experiment we chose to focus primarily on the Travel Industry.

We were looking to only post using eye catching photos that people would want to share and re-pin.

Monthly Unique Viewers


Solely Automated

To make this experiment work, we wanted to ensure it took up no time what so ever. Now before we begin we must state we do not recommend automation and all your content should be unique across all platforms to really benefit from them, however for the purpose of this experiment we automated our account using two tools:

1 – IFTTT – A platform developed primarily to make your life easier. If you ever wanted to automate anything this is the place to start. From sending an SMS when you are on your way home to saving your Instagram images to Pinterest. This was our favourite choice of weapon.

2 – Pinterest Bulk Pinner – This tool does exactly what it says on the tin. Choose a board and upload at scale. A great way to add images to boards to really grow them quickly.


The Plan

Now with this set we let the apps do the hard work so we could carry on with our regular tasks. With limited monitoring we let it run in the background and only checked after each month to see the growth.

Each time a picture was posted to an Instagram account it was pinned to a board on Pinterest.

Also the Bulk Pinner enabled us a quick hour of uploading a variety of stock photos from various Free Stock Photo sites.

This was all the time we spent on the account.


The Results:

We let our results speak for themselves… Over 500k monthly visitors (although we had a drop in June) with literally only spending an hour in May to set up the account. The rest was automated.

Sudden Growth Pinterest

Now we know this alone isn’t enough to convert into followers and website conversions but its about building the brand name and growing the account.

We didn’t focus on any engagement, it was merely for the purpose of gaining visitors. The next stages of our tests are to increase Pinterest Engagement via a few different techniques but this is a story for another day.

Also our focus was not on a particular demographic however you can see the audience demographics in the screenshot below:

Pinterest Demographics - Experiement

To Conclude:

Just a polite reminder we do not recommend automation in the slightest, however we wanted to prove the power of Pinterest as a Social Media Platform that is often ignored.

If we can hit 500K monthly visitors on Pinterest by a few simple Pinterest Hacks, it just goes to show what a solid strategy could create.

Our next task is to convert these visitors to followers building the brand name and convert them into Website visitors.

More on this soon!


Grow Your Pinterest Account?

Are you looking to grow your Pinterest Account or business as a whole with the power of Social Media? We would love to help guide you with a Free Initial Consultation. All our management services are done solely by humans and no automation is used. This was just for the purpose of this experiment.

If you would like to find out more… Get in touch today!