List Of Public Companies In South Africa: Services And Methodologies

List of public companies in South Africa offers the best services to their customers who are all from in and around South Africa. From this article, you will get to know more information on the best list of public companies in South Africa and their services.

A public company is a company that can sell its shares to the general public but is limited in itself to providing strategic discussion offers. Public companies need to have at least three executives. It could be listed on the South African Stock Exchange only by public companies.

List Of Public Companies In South Africa

Here Is The List Of  Public Companies In South Africa

Now let us learn about the list of public companies in South Africa. The below-mentioned companies offer the best services as well as offer the best employment opportunity to graduates of South Africa.

Anglo American

Anglo American utilizes four most available goods in South Africa; iron ore, thermal coal, gold, and diamonds. Anglo American is one of the best companies in the list of public companies in South Africa.

They still employ over 100,000 workers and entrepreneurs; they are South Africa’s largest employers in the public sector and South Africa’s largest mining company.


Richemont SA is a Swiss-based, luxury goods holding company established by South African businessman Johann Rupert 25 years ago. Cartier Monde SA and Rothmans International have minority interests at Richemont. 

Richemont - Public Companies In South Africa

It holds the top position in the list of public companies in South Africa. This company has grown worldwide and reported profits in 2019 amounting to € 2005 million.

Team MTN: List Of Public Companies In South Africa

This South African business has expanded its African, European, and Middle East activities. MTN’s dream is to be the number one provider of telecoms in emerging markets. 34,558 workers serve 55 nationalities and communicate in five official languages.


Naspers was founded in 1915 and is one of the leading international media and internet companies present in over 133 countries. 

The company provides pay-TV services to more than 6 million families in 48 countries across the continent through MultiChoice South Africa and MultiChoice Africa in Sub-Saharan Africa.

FirstRand Ltd

First National Bank has wholly or partially owned banking branches in Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, and Zambia. 

The FNB is also actively looking for plans for expansion in Angola, Ghana, and Nigeria.


Naspers ranks high on the list of public companies in South Africa. With a market value of $75.4 billion, the company is well ahead of any other business on this list, leaving Sasol far behind. 

The company operates in the cable and broadcasting sector, offering a TV channel, print media, Internet services, technology products, and book publishing services. 

It currently operates internationally in over 120 countries. Naspers operates several of the most important network, video, audio, and entertainment systems in the world.

Sasol Ltd

It is the only chemical enterprise on this list of public companies in South Africa. Sasol specializes in the production of industrial chemicals. 

The company is also involved in technology development to boost the quality of liquid fuels, chemicals, low carbon electricity and many more.

The organization currently has over 30,000 workers on its payroll, spread in 33 countries. Sasol headquarters is in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sasol Ltd’s market value is $19.8billion.


The corporation has an $18.2billion market value. They have been registered as South Africa’s supervisor of banks. 

First Rand has expanded since its founding in 1970, thanks to its portfolio of top financial services franchises providing a universal set of loan, investment, and transactional insurance services. 

The portfolio of the First Rand group includes FNB, RMB, WesBank, and Investment in Ashburton.

MTN Group Ltd: List Of Public Companies In South Africa

The company now operates on the African continent in many countries like Nigeria. Through its various branches, joint-ventures, and associates, the company invests extensively in the industry. MTN Group’s market value is $16.6billion.

Standard Group

In terms of assets, the Standard Group is now the largest African industrial group. The company operates in finance and banking services. 

The company is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and offers a variety of services, including transactional banking, deposits, leases, loans, investments, insurance, risk management, advisory strategies, and asset management. 

Standard Bank has one of the most important legacies on the list of all companies founded in 1862. The company is now estimated at $15.9bn.


Unlike MMI Holdings, Sanlam acts as an insurance broker and offers financial solutions to individual and institutional customers. 

Some of the products currently being offered by the company include private financial services such as estate planning, trusts, personal loans, health management, insurance, and more. 

Image result for Sanlam

Sanlam oversees five divisions of its operations: Sanlam Personal Finance, Sanlam Emerging Markets, Sanlam Securities, Sanlam, and Corporate & Others. Sanlam’s market value is now $9.5billion.

Vodacom Group Ltd

Vodacom is South Africa’s largest telecommunications company and one of Africa’s leading providers, specializing in communications services including voice, message, and mobile content.

With 69.9 percent of national operations earnings before interest and amortization (EBITDA), the business is still largely driven by the South African market.

Changes in local regulations and the desire to cut the cost of information have resulted in slow national growth, or even marginally decreasing in recent times. Nonetheless, a potential “elasticity” should have reduced data costs, which means that the use volumes will increase as a consequence.

FirstRand Limited

FirstRand Limited is the holding company of FirstRand Bank, South Africa’s largest financial services provider (in terms of market capitalization).

While the group’s earnings have been weighed heavily on the South African market where the company services 8.2 million clients, Firstrand is seeking to increase its presence in the rest of Africa.

In terms of digital and information networks, and skills, the organization is considered the national leader.