Popular Marketing Companies In South Africa

List of marketing companies in South Africa is the base for the region’s best-influenced marketing experts. What would be the most successful pr companies in South Africa in the middle of a good run? Read on for information.

Marketing Companies In South Africa

Many leading companies are gradually implementing online economic and rewarding practices already followed by their counterparts in Europe and the USA. 

The list of marketing companies in South Africa is steadily increasing, making it difficult for consumers to find the best advertisement and advertising firms

The Below Mentioned Are The Trustworthy List Of Marketing Companies In South Africa

Public Relations Tribeca

Tribeca Public Relations (Tribeca) is an award-winning and independent South African PR firm with a transparent and appealing public relations approach.

To have a positive influence on your business goals, they help you speak to the men and women who are critical for your business success.

Watson Ferguson Advertising 

They are a focused strategic marketing agency and top in the list of marketing companies in South Africa. They do their job by making, refining or reinventing products. 

In partnering with everyone, from big brands, from advertising agencies to new businesses, their intention is to make positive changes which will produce real results for the brands they invest in.

Be-Cause Communications 

Be-cause partners with multinationals, local brands, new companies and non-governmental organizations to raise awareness of innovative new ventures, environment, education, transportation and health, to name a few important areas. 

They’re a small, experienced group of designers. They approach each project with an eclectic mix of passions and horizons, with a broad overview of the brands they work with. 

They provide the media and public relations with a specific way of thinking. Their personal mission and what sets us apart is to remain one step ahead and increase the changing media environment.

Republic Public Relations 

Republic PR is a public relations company in the list of marketing companies in South Africa offering an integrated solution for public relations and corporate communication, with a cumulative 30-year experience working in several major global brands.

Joren Contacts

They are a digital marketing agency with an emphasis on Gauteng and the Western Cape Region, providing digital marketing solutions for companies operating in South Africa.

Mustard Creative Agency

Surely this creative, multimedia agency has a lot to offer. Describing mustard in a word definitely knows “the only thing.” Corporate culture really seems quite professional, taking advantage of a varied selection of learning opportunities within the business.

Avatar Marketing Solutions: List Of Marketing Companies In South Africa

Avatar brings together a professional group of more than 60 entrepreneurs including creatives, creators, authors, strategists, account managers, producers and many others. 

The workplace is a perfect place to develop a career, with a high-end reputation and excellent job prospects.

Joe Creative Technologies

This full-service communication agency exhibits an extravagant culture of work that highlights specific values for your network. The workers enjoyed a fun work environment and a highly efficient work culture. 

Jellyfish Ltd

Jellyfish Ltd - Marketing Companies In South Africa

Jellyfish clients were very impressed by the training program. Jellyfish works under the new name called Durban office. The office gives its staff fantastic perks, such as bonuses, medical attention and complimentary snacks and drinks, all to complement flexible hours.

Contemporary Media 

Contemporary media intelligence experts are number one in the list of marketing companies in South Africa. Thanks to their excellent service delivery, technology-driven market strategy and optimum working environment. 

The workers made only positive comments regarding the quality of the workplaces and the workplace culture. The company creates a positive atmosphere for its workers to thrive and offers excellent opportunities for people of all levels of experience.

Blue Moon 

Blue Moon captivates and engages the public through fresh, true and brave engagement techniques, activities, internal involvement, architecture, film, theatre, and visual learning.


The public relations and marketing communications agency is determined by strategically creative strategies to train and manage the brand’s reputation. 

Their goal is to develop a brand’s heritage during integration, and through assuming a new manager.

Pulling Power Media

Pulling Power Media is one of the leading companies in the list of marketing companies in South Africa. They’re a full-service multimedia business in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa with a digital production and social media advertising department. 

They partner with customers from around the world and help them reach their full potential using all the innovative, design, and digital components that we have at our fingertips. They are working in a room where an excellent approach meets creativity.

Kagiso Interactive

Kagiso Interactive is a Durban-based agency for mobile and internet apps growth. They believe in delivering cutting-edge creative solutions which deliver outstanding results. 

They deliver tailored results-based applications with a good planning strategy, practical execution and value to achieve clear marketing targets for customers. 

Their unique experience is the dedication to incorporating multi-channel marketing approaches and let’s do it with better people, concepts, processes and outcomes.

Saglotech Web Services

It is the best Web-design from Johannesburg. Saglotech is a web design company based in Germiston (a remote city 15 km from Johannesburg) and a digital marketing agency. 

Their goal is to develop reliable working websites, while at the same time taking affected customers to companies using digital work tools.

Lamus Design 

They do not make cheap website designs, they search for professional quality websites at very affordable prices and we make sure that each website design successfully communicates a professional image to the client’s brand and projects. Their web design company uses modern web design techniques and technology, designing our websites for a stunning image on mobile devices and desktops.

Thought Inc

They are driven by passion and creativity. Thought Inc. is a leading Johannesburg-based technology and development company that serves clients in South Africa and abroad. 

Their main goal is to create solutions for individuals and businesses which placed them at the forefront of technology.

Their world-class team integrates expertise in creativity, planning, technology, marketing and brand positioning. 

Their success comes from understanding the best tested strategies to make sure we fulfill our customers ‘ requirements, from idea to delivery success.

Realm Digital 

Realm Digital is a global strategic and digital technology partner that provides innovative solutions during your digital journey, deep knowledge and uncompromising support.

Realm Digital - List Of Marketing Companies In South Africa

Our 20 years of cutting-edge experience set them apart from business solutions to software as a service (SaaS), sensitive e-commerce platforms, mobile applications, digital and external approaches, while their dedication sets the standard.

Whether it’s recruiting known heavyweights or helping map the path to success, they’re offering customers in a wide range of industries, including, among others, full and open digital support. 

Their mission is to be a leading partner in everything we do here at Realm, offering digital solutions that enable market leaders to take the lead.