IT Companies In Pretoria

IT Companies In Pretoria

IT companies in Pretoria has a massive part in creating a change in the strategies and techniques in the field of  Information Technology in South Africa. Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa, takes pride in being an important part in the country’s economy and has a top ranking among the world’s best IT companies and digital branding. This article speaks about the successful journey of IT companies in Pretoria. 

Pretoria’s best software companies offer a variety of IT solutions and are among South Africa’s best IT companies. Due to the high urbanization rate and technological advances in the African subcontinent, IT companies in South Africa are also about to achieve a sustained growth pace. 

The Below Mentioned Companies Are Some Of The Successful IT Companies In Pretoria

Zenops IT Solutions

With the only aim of creating a drastic change in the field of IT industry, Zenops was established in February 2019. 

This company has its main office in Pretoria and has its branches all over the world. It has already launched jobs in many different sectors.

Zenops started their journey with 5 employees, as a result of their hard work, they have more than 500 talented employees. They are also partnered with the global leading companies like Google, Microsoft etc.,

Systematix Pvt Ltd

Systematix is one of the leading IT companies in Pretoria. At Systematix, they deliver a range of IT services that will enable your business to grow over time.

They deliver a broad portfolio that includes network management, Internet connectivity, cloud and virtualization technologies, server and desktop applications, backup and restores, provisioning, and management of life cycles. 

Wi Group Solutions Pvt Ltd

The Wi group is one of the best IT businesses in Pretoria and is considered one of South Africa’s top 10 software companies. Bevan Ducasse and Basie Kok formed this best software business in South Africa in 2007, in Cape Town, South Africa. 

The Wi group provides point-of-sale and plug-and-play transaction solutions at more than 5,000 retail outlets across the country and produces an annual turnover of approximately $15 million.

Cyber Smart Creative Technologies

Cybersmart is the among the top IT agencies in Pretoria, and it is considered as one of the country’s best ISPs. Cybersmart was founded in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1998 by Shaun Courtney, Zaid Bester, Laurie Fialkov and Dave Johnstone. 

This leading South African software company hires over 150 employees and produces annual sales of more than $20 million. Cybersmart is ranked among South Africa’s best technology companies and offers DSL broadband Internet and fiber optic services nationwide.

Cipherwave IT Solutions

IT Companies In Pretoria

Cipherwave is one of South Africa’s top IT firms and is one of the country’s leading cloud storage providers. Established in 2007, this leading IT company has its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Cipherwave, one of South Africa’s best software companies, has over 200 employees and annual sales of about $25 million. James Grcic and Jonathon Mason founded this leading software company in South Africa and is a much sought-after data recovery services company in South Africa.

Red Button Technologies: Leading IT Companies In Pretoria

Red Button is just one of South Africa’s top software companies and this is one of South Africa’s leading technology firms that provides the country’s best Wi-Fi access services for commercial institutions. 

Red Button was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, among the top 10 IT companies in South Africa. This leading South African IT company offers groundbreaking Wi-Fi and Internet services to more than 200 institutions across the world and is considered one of South Africa’s best IT firms.

Winvest Technology Consulting Services

Winvest Technology Consultancy Services Private Limited (WINVEST) is an IT consulting and services company focusing on industry-specific niche solutions that support companies on their path to digital transformation.

WINVEST partnered with a number of organizations interested in providing innovative solutions that create value for businesses. WINVEST is supporting new ideas that are taking shape in terms of design, development, implementation, and marketing.

Using its proven methodology, tools and flexible approach, WINVEST helps businesses quantify and manage added value, thereby enriching and encouraging value creation practices.

The WINVEST management team has over 30 years of experience working with IT industry leaders from around the world. The enhanced work experience in a diverse technical environment, geographic areas, and numerous vertical industries allows WINVEST to play its advisory role with its international clients.

IT Companies In Pretoria: Entelect IT Solutions

Entelect is an outstanding software engineering company that synthesizes technologies and best practices to offer a wide range of world-class solutions. Entelect has an unprecedented selection of individuals and profound knowledge committed to meeting their client’s needs.

Panda Network Software Solutions

Red Panda Software is among South Africa’s best software companies, and also one of South Africa’s largest IT companies in Pretoria. Established in 2009, this leading IT company in South Africa was founded by Gareth Hawkey and Bob Hall.

Red Panda Software has its headquarters in Mowbray, South Africa, and employs more than 150 professionals working for this leading South African software company. 

Red Panda offers applications such as point of sale, storage, human resource management, logistics, business intelligence, fleet management and property management software solutions.

Axxess Pvt Ltd Axxess – IT Companies In Pretoria

Axxess is one of the best IT companies in South Africa and this South African software company is one of the country’s leading Internet service providers. Axxess was founded in 1997 by Franco Barbalich in Port Elizabeth. 

IT Companies In Pretoria - Axxess Pvt Ltd

Axxess is considered one of South Africa’s best technology firms and now offers services such as the country’s cable internet, mobile internet, broadband, and VoIP providers. This top South African tech publisher has over 90 staff and annual sales of over $45 million.

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