IT Companies In Johannesburg


IT Companies In Johannesburg: List Of Top IT Companies In Johannesburg

IT companies in Johannesburg have attracted a lot of companies around the world to follow their footsteps. These companies are working hard and constantly working hard to improve their services. From this article, you will learn about the interesting facts of IT companies in Johannesburg.

List Of Best IT Companies In Johannesburg

Rectron IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Rectron Holdings is one of the IT companies in Johannesburg and this software company provides IT solutions such as website development, android app development, and cloud storage solutions, B2B solutions, etc. 

Rectron Holdings was founded in 1995, and is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. This leading South African IT company has branches across the world, and is South Africa’s largest PC assembly company.


Afrihost is one of South Africa’s top IT firms, with a large industrial sector in South Africa. This best South African IT company was founded in the mid 90’s by Brendan Armstrong, Peter Meintjes and Gian Visser and the head office is in Gauteng, South Africa. 

IT Companies In Johannesburg - Afrihost

Afrihost, among South Africa’s top companies, offers services like cloud computing, Mobile data, and broadband. It has over 150 staff, and an annual turnover of over $60 million.

Axxess : It Companies In Johannesburg

Axxess is another of the top IT companies in Johannesburg and this South African software company is one of the country’s leading Internet service providers. 

Axxess was founded in 1997 by Franco Barbalich in Port Elizabeth, South Africa,. Axxess is considered one of South Africa’s best technology firms and now offers services such as the country’s cable internet, mobile internet, broadband, and VoIP providers. 

Red Panda Software

Red Panda Software is one of the best IT companies in Johannesburg, and also one of South Africa’s leading IT companies. 

It was established in 2009, this leading IT company in South Africa, was founded by Gareth Hawkey and Bob Hall. 

Red Panda Software is headquartered in Mowbray, South Africa, and employs more than 150 professionals working for this leading South African software company. 

Red Panda provides applications such as point of sale, storage, human resource management, logistics, business intelligence, fleet management and property management software solutions.


Entersekt is a popular IT companies in Johannesburg with a global presence across a number of countries around the world. 

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Entersekt was founded in 2008 by Schalk Nolte, Dewald Nolte and Niel Müller headquartered in Stellenbosch. This leading South African technology company provides security services to businesses and banks for Internet banking, biometric systems, and online payment authorization solutions. 

This leading South African IT firm has over 120 staff with annual sales of more than $30 million.

Forecast Analytics: IT Companies In Johannesburg

In 2014 a group of former IBMers founded Comsense Technologies. They became a multinational analytics and marketing services business in a relatively short time, with a cutting-edge technology center in Johannesburg and offices in the USA, Germany, South Africa and Singapore.

They are an IBM Gold business partner and part of the International Associate Advisory Council which consists of some WW partners.


They work with strong businesses to transform business ideas into technological solutions that bring significant business benefits and sustainable alternatives. 

Their dedicated and talented specialists in technology and sales are organized into high-quality and high-performance teams that consistently exceed expectations. They love to work with business people to see the production of great ideas.

SovTech IT Solutions

SovTech is a custom software development company providing extensive software design and development support.

They have professional software development teams and creative cloud technologies. SovTech offers the best custom software solutions for businesses in many industries. Their services are popular around the world and they never fail in offering the best services for their clients.

Winjit Creative Solutions

Winjit is an award-winning technology solutions company with over 10 decades of experience in developing innovative technology solutions for organizations around the globe.

Echo Pvt Solutions

Echo is one of the trustworthy companies in South Africa. They are partnered with the leading companies which are presented in North America and Europe.

This company was founded in 2014 and they are completely focused on creating world-class software engineers. 

Livex Technology

Livex Technology is the first South African software company to deliver professional web design and software development solutions. To help your business grow they establish lasting relationships with their customers.

Forecast Analytics

In 2014 a group of former IBMers founded Comsense Technologies. They became a multinational analytics and marketing services business in a relatively short time, with a cutting-edge technology center in Johannesburg and offices in the USA, Germany, South Africa, and Singapore.

Alphonic Solutions Network Pvt. Ltd. 

Alphonic Network Solutions is an internet and Mobile App Development firm. They have been around for six decades. From Johannesburg, South Africa, they successfully created more than 200 jobs worldwide using a group of more than 40 intelligent and enthusiastic brains working together. 

Their product and service offerings include iOS native application development, Android application development, website development, etc. 

They work with effective communication, consulting and digital solutions to ensure the productivity of your company. Using an agile approach to the job, they are confident that at a minimum cost you will get the perfect solutions.


SovTech is a custom software development company providing comprehensive product design and development assistance. 

To businesses in many sectors, SovTech offers the best custom software solutions in its class, professional software development teams and creative cloud applications.

They believe that new technology will be the lifeline of all companies of the present era and our mission is to connect companies in all sectors with creative products, technological advances, services, and solutions, in a quicker, easier and better way than ever.

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