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Quick Caffeine Fix… #coffee

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Now whilst we confess it isn’t very Digital Marketing related… Who can honestly say (other than us) that SEO is a fun topic to photograph and scream about?! Our point exactly… So we decided to share our other love and passion… Coffee!

With that being said there is quite a few links between digital marketing and coffee. Whilst you ponder on that statement for two seconds let us explain how!


Getting Your Caffeine Fix

So we still haven’t explained why coffee. For us its the most powerful part of our day, when someone suggests coffee, we jump at the opportunity. If something created in such a process can result in an increase of motivation, productivity and social aspects then why wouldn’t we jump at the opportunity to get our fix.

Digital Marketing is only as fun as you make it, so for us we share our Social stories through our passion of a great cup of coffee.

Whilst this may be the primary reasoning behind it, there are a variety of similarities that people often neglect.


The Brewing Process 

Just like a good marketing strategy the brewing of fine coffee takes time and lots of prep work.

Whilst the Italians may savour their Espresso shot, the brits seem to finish their carefully crafted selection of drink in very little time.

No matter how quickly you devour your warm cup of hope, the brewing stages truly do take the time and are the difference between a mediocre cup and a long last cup that you will savour and keep returning back to.

So with that being said… Appreciate your baristas! We sure do!

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Instant Coffee Is A Swear Word

For a true coffee lover the phrase “Instant Coffee” should be removed from every household and the same goes for Instant SEO and Digital Marketing.

You’ve seen it all over the Internet “Rank Number 1 On Google”, as if its just a quick click of the kettle.

Now whilst that coffee may keep you warm on a winters day, its a temporary fix to that deep down desire for the real deal. Why accept second best when you can have the best?

The same goes for SEO. Whilst quick tricks to number one may be possible… Are you really going to stick to it? Is it the best way to success or just a temporary caffeine fix that will run out quicker than Usain Bolt?


Life’s Too Short For Bad Coffee

For us this saying couldn’t be closer to the truth, and whilst we don’t waste time on bad coffee, the same can be said about poor strategies to market a business.

Why waste money on a plan that will not show any ROI (Return on Investment)? So we use this with both our coffee fix and our marketing campaigns.

Web Design, Digital Marketing, SEO and Coffee

Cannot Live With Coffee

Have you ever woken up and tried to carry out a simple task without your morning cup of coffee? This is where the saying comes from “Life begins after coffee”.

This saying is true for both Coffee and a Marketing Strategy. The purpose of every business is to sell and without the means and resources to do so, you just won’t win in such a competitive market.

Hence where we come in and why the similarities between that cup of joe and our marketing campaigns are so interlinked.


Decaf Coffee 

Mention Decaf Coffee to a coffee enthusiasts and watch their eye twitch. The same goes for us when we hear all the Black Hat SEO techniques people try and sell.

Just like Decaf Coffee… It just shouldn’t exist!

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The Dirty Spoons

Whilst there are plenty of companies out there offering a perfect solution, we just want you to be happy and growing in the most efficient manner.

Get in touch with us for a FREE consultation and we can help plan a strategy that suits and get rid of those Dirty Spoons that no one wants to clean up.


What fuels you? 

What exactly is it you are looking for? Do you currently have a website? Are you looking to expand online or in a particular market? We would love to hear from you.

So if you are looking to increase your business leads, or get feedback on your current online strategy we would love to help you. We’ve even designed the perfect coffee desk to help you decide what you are looking for. Take a look:

Web Design, Digital Marketing, SEO and Coffee

So The Question Is…

Are you a cup half empty or half full kind of person? Either way we want to hear from you! For us we brew our coffee just like how we carry out our SEO. In a timely manner to perfection with an end goal in mind… Perfectly Brewed Coffee!