Social media accounts are one of the best ways to solidify your brand’s online presence. So, when the new Instagram feature called Instagram Reels was out, many businesses jumped right into it.

An Instagram Reel is an entertaining and immersive video where you can creatively put a personal touch on your media to express your brand story and educate your audience. When you create reels, the Instagram audience may discover your business, garnering potential clients.

Social media users come to Reels to collaborate with the community, participate in cultural trends, and discover new beautiful ideas.


The Instagram reels: A brief insight into what it’s all about

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When you have a show you are patiently waiting to come out, you can now see its 15-second sneak peek via Instagram Reels. This is only among the perks of this feature for Instagram users.

Several well-known companies have incorporated Instagram Reels as part of their content strategy to boost their show’s promotions. This includes Amazon Prime Video and the iconic promotional trailer of Riri’s #SavagexFentyShow Vol 2, featuring Bella Hadid and Demi Moore. 

The 15-second video managed to acquire 900k views and over 16k likes. Though the vast view count is significantly due to the superstar’s follower count, it doesn’t erase the fact that you can benefit from using Instagram Reels.

All you have to do is simply edit the most engaging 15-second clip of your upcoming video to create the buzz needed for your products or services. This gives your followers and subscribers a look into what they can expect from your products or services.


What is the difference between an Instagram story and an Instagram reel?

As an Instagram user, you may have asked what’s up with Instagram reels when Instagram stories already exist—which makes sense. However, it’s best to understand that Instagram Reels focus more on content creation.

Meanwhile, Instagram stories focus more on real-time events. For instance, a video made during travel is suitable for an Instagram story, while a dance video content will be ideal for an Instagram reel.


Key features of Instagram Reels

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Posting reels on your Instagram can help you gain more Instagram followers and have a well-defined target audience. The video content can be done creatively based on your preference with its key features, including the creative video editing tools.


Entertaining your audience with creative video editing tools

There will be no more boring videos when you use Reel’s camera. It has all the tools you’ll need to create attractive videos in the app.

You can also record videos in the Reels and experiment with effects found in the gallery or even use some stickers.


Building like-minded communities and engaging with audiences

With features like Comment Replies and Remix, you can engage with both new and existing customers. That said, it will be much easier for you to respond to your followers.


Partnering with creators to start trends and shape the culture

With the new Instagram Reels, you can tap into the creator’s expertise for storytelling that’s trending nowadays. In addition, you can also specify a paid partnership with your brand using the “Paid partnership with” label.


Getting discovered on Instagram’s explore feed.

With Reels, your brand can get a lot of potentials to get discovered by people who are not following you yet in the Reels Tab, Instagram Feed, and even on the Explore page.

More and more brands are exerting effort to get featured on Instagram’s Explore Page. According to a report, around 50% of the platform’s users check the Explore page every month.

This means you are like winning a lottery here if you want to grow your audience.

Instagram’s algorithm thoroughly picks content across various accounts and recommends it to users who might be interested in it. Thus, the Explore Page is a powerful and accessible solution for many brands to increase their online exposure, engagement, and conversions.


Things to keep in mind when designing Instagram reels?

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When you design your very own reels, make sure to keep the following things in mind:

1. Take advantage of the entire mobile screen and use immersive video to tell your brand story.

When designing your Instagram Reels, make sure to opt for the entire mobile screen and use an immersive video to tell your brand’s story. According to an Instagram analysis of built-for-Reels ads, it was found that vertical ads, on average, had a lower cost-per-action of around 48% than non-verticals ads.

2. Make sure to add music and visual effects.

Based on research, over 80% of Instagram Reels are viewed with sound. Thus, figuratively, it’s best to add music to your Reels.

Adding music is an effective strategy to captivate the users’ attention and build connections with the audience. Use something that complements the mood of your story.

It can be relaxing, dreamy, energizing or inspiring. Adding effects to your reels is a great way to induce fun into your Reels, enhancing the story.

In fact, approximately 40% of Reels use visual effects. So, never miss out on adding music and visual effects to your reels.

3. Encourage emotional response.

When you create Reels, encourage an emotional response such as interest, happiness and curiosity. Also, consider making it intriguing.

For instance, you can take an educational approach and teach your audience something new or help them learn more about the things they like. This way, you don’t only offer value to your followers but also get them hooked emotionally to your brand.

4. Make it digestible.

Another vital thing to consider when creating reels is to make them digestible. This means breaking down your content, like business and product information and product functionality demonstration.

It’s best to capture the audience’s attention within five seconds and set the stage by teasing the video content. Ensure also to keep your audience engaged in well-paced transitions and play with beat drops and audio to keep things moving creatively.

It will also help to add a voiceover and tell your brand story. This will help bring life to your brand’s personality.

In addition, use bit-sized text strategically placed throughout the Reel to strengthen your brand’s message.=

5. Build a connection with your audience by making your reels relatable.

Making your reels relatable is very important. This helps you connect with your audiences quickly and get hooked on your brand.

Based on the Instagram analysis, among the million reel ads, those with a human presence have a higher click-through rate than those without. Throughout the reel, make sure to speak to your audience in a language easy to understand and connect to their ambitions, goals and values.

This way, your brand will likely linger longer in the minds of your audiences.


Use it or not?

It’s safe to say that reels are the future of Instagram’s video storytelling. In fact, it currently makes up approximately 20% of the time spent on the platform.

That said, it’s best to consider integrating Instagram Reels into your creative strategy to drive passionate and genuine engagements for your brand. If, in any case, you’ll need help with your social media accounts, you can contact Xploited Media today!