How to set up your Xploited media email on your iPhone

email set up iphone

Kindly use the information we sent to you regarding your personalised email. This is a simple to use tutorial to help you set up your email in a quick and easy way. Note that some iPhone devices may look slightly different from the example pictures however the methods will remain the same on how to set up your email.

1 – Select your Settings App.

2 – Go to Passwords & Accounts

3 – Select Add Account .
Select Other
Now select Add Mail Account

4 – Fill in the following fields with the information provided via the email:
Name: provided via email
Email: provided via email
Password: provided via email
Description: enter a description for your email e.g. Xploited email

5 – Select Next. The iPhone will try to find email settings and finish your account set up.
The iPhone won’t find mail settings and now will want you to enter them manually. Select next to enter the settings for your mail.

6 – Select IMAP for your email settings.

7 – Enter the Incoming Mail server settings:
Host Name:

8 – Enter the Outgoing Mail Server settings:
Host Name:

9 – Select finish and your email should be set up.

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