How To Install Plugins

Plugin install feature image

Plugins are utilities which provide additional functionality to your site. here is a quick guide to installing a plugin

1 – On the dashboard go down to Plugins and select add new

2 – You will come to this page where you can search and choose different plugins with unique qualities.

3 – You will find a search bar on the top of the page. with this, you can find some of the most popular plugins and recommended plugins.
there is also a search bar so if you know the name of a specific plugin you would like to use you can search for it directly

4 – Once you have decided on a plugin to add, go ahead and select the install button (we have chosen Elementor)

5 – Once the plug in is installed click on the activation to finalise the plugin

6 – Now your plug in is installed.

There are many plugins out there with unique and wonderful properties. It’s up to you to find the plugin that will suit the website you are building.
With so many options you will never be held back in making the website you want

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