Accessing online operations is easier, more efficient and more effective now than ever before. With website building tools, SEO strategies, Social Media platforms and couriers, it seems that moving your business online is becoming the new normal in all business sectors. 

Whether in sales or services, COVID-19 has proven that most businesses can operate online. There are many advantages to doing so as well as many paths to choose from. However, it is important, like all marketing strategies, to consider the fundamentals of the market itself, and to take into account the customer’s perspective of your business. You want customers to see your brand in its entirety, to gain their trust and to deliver your goods or services in the best way possible.

First off, get setup with an online presence. The best way you can go about making an entrance to the online market is by setting up an attractive website and by creating social media accounts on all the major platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp). This will immediately give you the tools to manage the way your brand is seen online. These platforms will act as your store, and will be ‘open for business’ 24/7.

Make sure to be absolutely clear on what you are selling and how much it costs, whether that be a service or product. You will want to dedicate a section of your website to this. Make sure your social media accounts are capturing not only your brand, but also your products or services accurately, attractively and effectively.

When listing a price for your goods or services, it is important you first conduct some research as to what your competitors are doing. Try find a unique pricing solution after taking into account your overheads and other expenses of operating online.

When promoting your company, there are a plethora of strategies to choose from; SEO, social media influencers, online videos, social media content boosting, giveaways, and more. Remember that having social media accounts will ensure your business is promoting itself – all the time – and you will need to ensure your accounts and website reflect your brand as accurately as possible. Do this by creating attractive and eye-pleasing content for your pages and website. Otherwise, consider hiring a social media manager and content creator for this role if you have little to no experience in the industry as it could save you time and money.

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Another popular route is to create a website and various social media accounts purely for branding purposes, where you can share the vision, mission and values of your business in whichever way you deem appropriate to your business. Then, take your sales of products or services to an already popular online market place (Amazon, Fruugo, eBay…) and let the online market do sales for you. This has an array of benefits, and also drawbacks. It will save you time in dealing with sales and some promotion, but may damage your brand image and cost you a portion of your income.

Finally, make sure that however you deliver your good and service is efficient and COVID safe. The best way to do this is by utilizing couriers, so ensure whichever courier company you decide to use is reliable, otherwise you could damage your brand image in the process.