If you are looking for a very cost-effective and secure web hosting and web builder services, then you are at the right place to choose the best among the top companies.  In this article, you will get to know more about the interesting journey of the free website builder and hosting South Africa.

The web design and hosting services in South Africa are popular for its strategies and services throughout the world. Hence the number of popular global web hosting companies has its origin in South Africa. 

List Of Top Free Website Builders And Hosting South Africa Services

Virtual Private Services Technologies

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Technologies are excellent for businesses that are all seeking productivity, accessibility, and efficiency without investment. 

VPS plans effectively and provides a wide range of solutions for businesses seeking an affordable solution to meet their rising hosting needs. 

They have crafted there bid carefully to meet the better business requirements for expansion. They are popular across the country as a free website builder and hosting South Africa.

Free Website Builder And Hosting South Africa

Free Website Builder And Hosting South Africa: Gridhost Pvt Ltd

They are the first company that introduced the online services which are older than some of the online services like Facebook, YouTube, etc., Over time they have evolved over 25 years which have given them the knowledge exact requirements of their clients.

Their successful market strategy has given them an opportunity to grow locally and internationally, to expand their offers and services for their customers ‘ commercial needs into one network.

Today they have a ten-year vision of becoming a specialized web hosting company for medium and small-sized businesses. They have been investing in an exciting group focused on South Africa’s empowerment and development of SMEs. 

Their mission is to be a part of the African-American economy’s online partner for small and medium-sized businesses and enable digital growth.

They utilize high-level teamwork who knows the market’s innovative services and help your company to overcome some of its key competitors.

Afrihost Hosting Services: Free Website Builder And Hosting South Africa

It is not a company history, strategy, or market share, but a tale of friendship and determination. Afrihost is the original idea of best friends Brendan Armstrong, Gian Visser, and Peter Meintjes who dreamed of building a business without any trade barriers that would attract their customers with amazing goods and superior service.

Afrihost decided to enter the broadband market in September 2008, so they can give their customers more value and strengthen their growing market share within an ISP. 

Jodo Pvt Ltd

They are a web design and hosting company in South Africa which is both cheap and exclusive. They are proud to offer every single client the best service. They offer the following services like website design, website hosting, domains, and websites. 

Afri Host does not keep any contracts or foreclosures. They have a skilled bunch well-knowledged employees who offer the best web hosting services for their clients.

MWeb Information Technology Solutions

Since the introduction of the Internet in South African homes in 1997, the MWEB has remained at the forefront of new and more powerful ways of connecting people.

MWEB was chosen as the best Internet service provider in the Ask Afrika Orange 2015 Customer Service Survey. And their clients know that they speak to them as real people.

Domaines Hosting Services

Domanies was established in 2002 in South Africa. DiaMatrix has left its mark on the sector by delivering world-class products at very affordable prices and providing superior 24/7 service to its customers.

Xneelo Creative Technologies 

Hetzner joined their hands with Xneelo as a first client in 1998. At the time they were really excited to offer the first-ever web hosting services in South Africa.  It is their main business since they deliver the best web hosting services across South Africa.  

They are very much inspired by their brand promise of ” secure accommodation”, they are focused on delivering a reliable and consistent hosting service that delivers a very good value without compromising service quality.

Some of their services include Website hosting, Administered servers, Servers, which are self-managed, Customized hosting facilities, Reseller server,

DiaMatrix Technologies 

They became the first company to get a license in South Africa in September 2012. They started their journey in February 2012 with 5-10 employees. Now they are one of the key agencies in the field of the free website builder and hosting South Africa. They are the best in the industry in offering unified solutions for all web hosting related issues.

Vox Telecom Solutions

Vox prides themselves on their technical experience, innovation, and product quality.

Vox is a leading telecommunications company providing solutions in South Africa for offering the best voice and data services in South Africa.

The Vox Service Center is a 24/7/365 facility that not only offers immediate support to many clients but also tracks all Vox networks and facilities constantly to ensure that the quality of service is preserved at all times.

Domain.co Pvt Ltd

It is one of the free website builder and hosting South Africa. It provides a full set of solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs to launch the platform. 

Their services and software allow you to register your preferred domain name, configure email and Web hosting, manage your online storefront, and easily promote your business. 

Host Africa Pvt Ltd

The Host Africa was first established by German Engineers at Pretoria, South Africa.

HOST AFRICA has built its solutions with over 25 years of experience and always delivers exceptional quality to its customers. Their outstanding team includes trained German and South African programmers, managers and supervisors.

Their services include Website management The waiters. Building site.Zones.

Elitehost.Solution Technologies

They are the leading free website builder and hosting South Africa. Elitehost also provides joint service storage, reseller and virtual server from world-class data centers in Johannesburg (ZA), Los Angeles (US) and Maidenhead (UK).

Elitehost currently operates from five state-of-the-art data centers located in South Africa, UK, Germany, and the US.