Whats In The Name?

Back in 2008 the car scene in the UK was a big part of our lives, we would attend and photograph on a regular basis sharing the pictures online via various forums we ran. 

Having no company at the time we created a watermark that would become our stamp… Xploited Media! 

As time moved on so did our services. Creating various websites for customers on the car forums, we worked with various businesses to help promote their companies, and the name started expanding.

It was beginning to stick!

Xploited Media Mockup

Can You Not Spell?

Ironic really when we offer Content Creation services and we cannot even spell exploited correctly!

Exploited Media, Xploited Media… Whats the difference? Well its going back to the history that truly shows why we have kept the branding as it was. 

Yes we own the domain name https://exploited.media as well and it will direct straight back to us, so what does that show you? 

We also know typing in Xploited Media into Google will automatically search for Exploited, but does that not show how much confidence we have in our SEO capabilities? 

Isn’t It Offensive?

We know what you are thinking… Exploiting the market isn’t quite what you like to do when it comes to promoting your business.

With that being said, we have all heard these words being thrown around such as “Growth Hacking”, “Hacking The Audience”. What are your thoughts on this? 

In todays world there are plenty of cost effective ways to grow your business online and this is exactly what we do… We make full use of the market space.

Now we aren’t talking about Black Hat, or any of those types of schemes. Everything we do is 100% by the book. We just appreciate trends and watch them carefully.

Xploited Media Mockup

Being Remembered

Its been said that “The new currency is attention”. We couldn’t agree more, and that is why we always say to all of our clients you have to look at the bigger picture. You are more than business, you are becoming a “brand”. Everyone needs to become their own media company and that is exactly where we come in. 

Whilst Xploited may not be found in your dictionary, we want you remembering the name. Writing this in 2018, lets see what comes in the next five years?

To Conclude

The name is staying, it always will! Whilst we may have various different entities that fall under the Xploited Media umbrella, the key branding behind it is Xploited Media. 

Its been around for a while now, its memorable on Social Media, and its the history behind it that keeps us going!

Heres to another successful year of growth not only for ourselves but also for our clients!