Digital Marketing Companies In South Africa: What Are The Services They Offer

Digital Marketing Companies In South Africa

Digital marketing companies in South Africa are the home for several region’s best-influent marketing experts. Such leading companies are rapidly implementing innovative and competitive online patterns. South Africa’s list of marketing companies is steadily increasing, making it difficult for consumers to find the best advertisement and advertising firms. Continue reading this article to learn more about digital marketing companies in South Africa.


DigitasLBi is one of the top digital marketing companies in South Africa. They are part of the world’s largest digital network. DigitasLBi, which offers its customers access to over 7,000 global experts. They have more than 40 offices in 25 countries.


They are a digital marketing agency that specializes in moving beyond Internet technology and directly engaging with consumers with wonderful value propositions.

Interactive origin.

As a user-centric digital marketing agency, they offer significant digital marketing services and products. As a leading digital marketing company in South Africa they put people at the forefront of everything they do, realizing that the effectiveness of any digital approach depends on good user experience.

Brave Digital Marketing Companies In South Africa

Brave has managed to keep up with the changing technology and creativity of the digital world by concentrating on remaining low, agile and lean using a core group of specialists and delivering outstanding personalized service to its loyal customers for more than ten years. 

Their headquarters is located in Johannesburg and they are also partnered with the number of global leading companies.


HelloComputer is a digital marketing companies in South Africa that offers full service. There are also a number of obsessed and compulsive digitalists who inject souls into individuals with plans that concentrate on communicating the human DNA of their company. They create digital experiences and ads promoting the brand. 

G&G Digital

G&G Digital, formerly known as Gullan and Gullan, is a public relations firm, social media, and marketing provider. 

Digital Marketing Companies In South Africa:G&G Digital

They are among the few oldest and most known public relations firms that have made a successful transition to a digital offering. G&G has its headquarters in the North Highlands, JHB.

Algorithm Agency

Algorithm Company offers technical advisory services and specializes in targeting search engines. Algorithm Company deals with governments, small and medium-sized businesses, and big companies. The agency for Algorithms is located in Woodmead, JHB.

Lucky Beard

Lucky Beard provides Digital Product design, creation, and concept. The director of the business is composed of people considered to have been in the industry for quite a while. They’ve had satellite offices in JHB, Dublin, and London, headed by Irene, Pretoria.

Pulling Power Media

Pulling Power Media is one of the leading companies in the digital marketing and animation industry. They’re a full-service multimedia business in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa with digital production and social media advertising department. 

They partner with customers from around the world and help them reach their full potential using all the innovative digital components that they have at their fingertips. They are working in a room where creativity meets a very good strategy.


Buzzard describes themself as a digital marketing agency with just one goal: educating people about their brand, building their credibility and getting business into their company. This leading digital marketing company in South Africa has its headquarters in Bryanston, JHB.


They do not make cheap website designs, they search for professional quality websites at very affordable prices and they make sure that each website design successfully communicates a professional image to the client’s brand and projects. Their website design company uses modern web design techniques and technology, designing their websites for a stunning image on mobile devices and desktops.

Thought Inc

They are driven by passion and creativity. Thought Inc. is a leading Johannesburg-based technology and development company that serves clients in South Africa and abroad. 

Digital Marketing Companies In South Africa:  Thought Inc

Their main goal is to create solutions for individuals and businesses which placed them at the forefront of technology.

Their world-class team incorporates expertise in creativity, planning, technology, marketing and brand positioning. Their success comes from understanding the best-tested strategies to make sure we fulfill our customers ‘ requirements, from idea to delivery. 

They adopt agile methodologies of growth so that their consumers benefit from greater productivity and ensure that they generate significant commercial value at the beginning of the process of development. 

The instruments are highly qualified and designed to adapt easily to evolving business needs.

Kagiso Interactive

Kagiso Interactive is a leading Durban based Internet and Mobile App Development company. They believe in delivering cutting-edge creative solutions that deliver outstanding results. 

Kagiso Interactive

They provide tailored and results-oriented applications with a good planning approach, practical implementation, and value to achieve specific marketing goals for the client. 

Their unique experience is the dedication to implementing multichannel marketing approaches and they do it with the best people, concepts, processes, and outcomes. 

Realm Digital 

Realm Digital is a global strategic and digital technology partner that provides innovative solutions during their client’s digital journey, deep knowledge and uncompromising support.

Our 20 years of cutting-edge experience set them apart from business solutions to software as a service (SaaS), sensitive e-commerce platforms, mobile applications, digital and external approaches, while their dedication sets the standard.

Whether recruiting heavy staff or helping to map the path to success, they provide consumers in a wide variety of industries with robust and straightforward digital support including, among others

Their mission is to be a leading partner in everything we do here at Realm, offering digital solutions that enable market leaders to take the lead.