It is no secret that as a world we are facing uncertain times. There hasn’t been a worldwide pandemic like this for decades and many businesses; both small and large are really feeling the pressure to work in an uncertain world.

Here at Xploited Media we work mostly in a virtual world which means that we have a slightly different approach than what other businesses may decide to take across South Africa and the rest of the world.

So, as our clients, what can you expect from us during the next few weeks or months?

Staff Wellbeing

For us, our staff are incredibly important, they are the heart and soul of our business and without them we wouldn’t be able to deliver the service that we do. This is why one of our primary focuses is the health and wellbeing of our staff. Following the guidelines that have been set out by the professional health care consultants and Government members here in South Africa, we have made some key decisions for our staff workers. We have decided that we will not only implement working from home as the norm for our staff members, but for those who do need to be in the office, then social distancing is the approach to take.


We believe that in doing this, we can make sure that our staff are protected, whilst still offering the high level of service that we always want to provide our valued customers with.

How Xploited Media Will Be Working Through The Covid 19 Period xpm covid 19 1 Covid 19 xpm covid 19 1

What Impact Will Covid 19 Have On Our Service?

We know that you will want to make sure that the service that you receive is the best that it can be. However, we do ask that you understand and respect that in some part, this will be affected. We are going to make sure that our projects, our retainers and even any ad-hoc work that we take on, is delivered the same as it always is, that said, there will still be some slight modifications as our staff work from home.

If we find that a valued team member becomes unable to work, then we will make sure that their work is allocated elsewhere within our business and this will then be communicated back to you, our client. We will aim to do this as quickly as possible with minimal impact or downtime to you our customer.

How Xploited Media Will Be Working Through The Covid 19 Period xpm covid 19 2 Covid 19 xpm covid 19 2


There will be some key changes to know about during this time. Our phone lines within the office setting will not be answered. All calls need to be made to the cellphones of your relevant contact. You can also email through any enquiries that you may have and, if you prefer, arrange for a video call through one of the services to speak to them face to face.

All physical meetings will be cancelled for the foreseeable future and we will ask for them to be made virtually.

We don’t know how long things will be like this; however, please be assured that we will be here for you every single step of the way. So, make sure that you get in touch with us and see if we can help you with our dedicated services. No matter what is going on throughout the rest of the world.