An Introduction To Business Blogging

So why start a business blog anyway? That’s the question many businesses rightly ask, by the end of this article there will be no doubts left as to why. A business blog should just be seen as a regular part of the marketing activity of any business. The blog could take a variety of directions but news, announcements, informative articles, industry information, etc. are all related to the marketing function. Blogging is very beneficial for SEO; search engines love regular activity so regular blog posts will increase the SEO “critical mass” of......

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Local SEO Guide

Local SEO is an often under-utilised and frequently ignored aspect of the SEO of many websites. The facts are though that practically any website can benefit from an improved local presence. Since Google’s Pigeon Ongoing Updates, which commenced in July 2014, Local SEO has risen in importance. Businesses see how there is a genuine ROI opportunity for their efforts in Local Search Engine Optimisation. We go on in this article to discuss why Local SEO is so important and how to rank well with Local SEO in 2015....

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