Do you want to use another platform to help you develop your online presence?

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms on the market. WordPress drives 40% of all internet traffic. Today, bigger does not always imply superior.

WordPress is a popular content management system that has many advanced features. However, it will not be the most satisfactory service for every online business website. Popularity is excellent, but no content management system is flawless, which also applies to WordPress.

If you’ve tried WP and decided you need something else to make your own website project distinctive, you’ve come to the correct location.

We’re huge fans of WordPress ourselves, but we understand that many types of website builders are out there. People desire diversity, whether they choose an eCommerce platform or a well-known CMS.

That’s why so many WordPress alternatives are available today, including WooCommerce and Drupal, as well as Tumblr and other open-source platforms.

That’s why we’ve pulled together some of the top-performing and best WordPress alternatives on the market for you today.

The Pros and Cons of WordPress

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Before a blogger can make an educated selection about the best WordPress alternatives, they’ll need first to have a thorough understanding of what this popular platform can accomplish.

WordPress is the most popular website builder tool in the world, intended to help you build an online store or website that looks great and supports your marketing efforts. WordPress is an open-source technology that offers several advantages over more expensive alternatives.

WordPress is a wonderful choice for creating a professional eCommerce website without spending a fortune on your publishing platform. However, you’ll have to invest some time learning the fundamentals.

As an added benefit, you’ll have complete control of your WordPress website, so you’ll be in command of its maintenance.

Why do People look for WordPress Alternative?

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WordPress is popular for various reasons, including its free version, adaptability, SEO-friendliness, blogging tools, social media tools, sophisticated features, eCommerce capabilities, multilingual language support, and more.

WordPress has made a remarkable improvement in terms of simplicity of use since 2003 when it was first released as open source platform software. With several drag and drop editor website construction tools like SeedProd, Divi, and Beaver Builder, you can design your own websites from scratch without coding skills.

WordPress site is a popular CMS because it’s the most effective solution for improving search engine rankings.

If you’re looking for a low-cost WordPress hosting provider, Bluehost is the company to go with.

But let’s get real—

WordPress isn’t the perfect fit for everyone. And there are many reasons for that. To begin with, it’s not the best website builder for everyone:

  • It’s difficult to use without coding skills or a financial strain to pay a web developer.
  • WordPress is the CMS platform with the most hacks, and 90% of security flaws are linked to plugins.
  • Frequent updates prevent it from working properly.

To summarize, the list is long, but to make a lengthy narrative shorter—

There are several alternatives to WordPress to consider in order to determine which powerful website builder platform suits your needs.

Take a look at the list below to get an idea of what you should be looking for when selecting a content management systems or great wordpress alternative for website builder. It gives you a general overview of the topics to consider while choosing a CMS.

Best WordPress Alternatives


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WordPress’ expression engine provides a wide selection of design and template options to help you construct your own site. However, not all of them will be suitable for you.

The main drawback of WordPress’s theme and template system is that it’s difficult to modify them if you want to personalize them. It isn’t as simple as using Drupal or Tumblr, for example. Creating a Wix site offers you a distinct way forward.

With Wix, you may drag and drop components at the click of a mouse, putting them wherever you want them.

Wix provides a wide range of website templates. All plans accessible through Wix, including the free version, are based on the same drag and drop website builder technology. Furthermore, the capabilities available to make your web design stand out are incredible. Creating animations and movies is straightforward.

Not only that, but the website builder also includes some excellent search engine optimization capabilities. Even specialized applications are accessible for download to aid a particular sort of business.

Wix has several problems, the most significant of which is that you can’t alter the template you pick after you’ve made your selection. There’s also no option to view the source file for your themes.


  • The interface is simple and user-friendly, making it ideal for newcomers and novices.
  • There is a significant extension marketplace to help you meet your extension needs.
  • There is a wide range of well-designed themes and templates to select from.
  • The editor and the dashboard are fantastic.
  • SEO capabilities are built-in.


  • Ads are inescapable in the free plan, which is quite distracting.
  • It’s challenging to utilize Internal URLs.
  • Some of the templates may not be tailored to your requirements.

For the most part, Wix is a great alternative for those who need a lot of design possibilities. If you want more flexibility than Jekyll or Drupal themes, most Wix templates will allow it, but you’ll have to test the functionality first.


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Squarespace is a popular alternative for creative types because it has many designs to select from when developing templates. This CMS platform, which includes several methods accessible for use, is attractive and responsive. They’re ideal for promoting your content in search engines.

Unlike WordPress, Squarespace may be a bit more expensive than other options, but its functionality is worth it. Squarespace enables you to establish a professional presence quickly and easily. It’s also one of the most flexible platforms for small business owners who want to build a basic website or eCommerce website without prior knowledge. Your content does not limit you; instead, with Squarespace’s drag-and-drop editor, you can add whatever you want in just minutes!

In addition to that, Squarespace makes it simpler to transition from other services because it instantly imports your blog with all of its posts into the program.

As with all of the other hosted solutions in this list, Squarespace has its drawbacks. If you’re okay with sacrificing SEO, it’s not always a terrible idea to stick with Squarespace for blogging purposes. The meta descriptions and page titles on this platform are more difficult to modify than they are on WordPress.

The whole Squarespace platform isn’t relatively as straightforward as Wix, Weebly, or WordPress.

Another disadvantage of Squarespace is that the front-end navigation isn’t straightforward, and the least expensive plan is still relatively pricey. There’s a lot of variety in terms of capabilities for firms wanting WYSIWYG content creators and an all-in-one answer for managing their digital presence. Squarespace also has a quick load time.


  • You won’t need to buy a domain name or web hosting separately.
  • Drag-and-drop builder lets you create your designs.
  • Beginner-friendly site construction
  • Choose from a variety of beautiful responsive templates.
  • The world’s first all-in-one platform that provides complete protection.
  • Fast loading times


  • There isn’t a mobile-friendly editor available.
  • Not ideal for sites that are exclusively built for eCommerce.
  • More costly than most other website builders.
  • Third-party plugins and social media platforms aren’t fully supported.

Best For Squarespace is a fantastic choice for creatives on a budget who don’t mind spending some extra money on their website creation tools. There are a variety of unique and attractive templates to select from, as well as enhanced speedier loading times.


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WordPress isn’t the most excellent software for creating your initial website, but it’s perfect for maintaining and controlling your online presence. That’s something you’ll want some additional assistance with – or at least some free time to train on. On the other hand, Shopify has one of the most straightforward and easy-to-use store builders available.

Shopify has over 800,000 users worldwide, so something must be working. Shopify offers cutting-edge responsive designs to help your store look stunning on every platform or device. Furthermore, Shopify is popular enough that you may seek assistance and guidance from the community if you need it.

You may also use Shopify’s mobile app (free) to check inventory, access your taxes and pricing, upgrade your shipping, and add features to Shopify through the app store. Although it’s a great option, Shopify has some drawbacks to consider as well.

Shopify Payments doesn’t make things easier for you by handling transactions in different currencies. You’ll have to pay a transaction fee if you use Shopify Payments as your primary payment processor.

Shopify has many great features to dig into when developing a sophisticated website, including managing product variants, calculating your taxes, upgrading your shipping, and even expanding Shopify’s app store with a downloadable app and some eCommerce functionality.

While Shopify is a best solution, it has some disadvantages to consider as well. For example, it’s not ideal for handling numerous currencies simultaneously, and if you use Shopify Payments as your primary payment processor, you’ll be charged a transaction fee.


  • This package is ideal for customizing your website.
  • On your site, you may show as many items as you’d like.
  • Shipping options and more advanced reporting capabilities are available.
  • Select from a variety of free-range themes and templates to be used.
  • Custom domain and subdomains available


  • Although Shopify is adaptable, it isn’t as flexible as WordPress – it’s specifically built for eCommerce.
  • There are no additional SEO features available for you to use with your campaigns.
  • Blogging isn’t as effective with WordPress as other platforms.

Best For Shopify is a fantastic tool for businesses looking to set up online stores for selling to consumers. It’s not always built for the innovative company that wants to create a lot of blogs or aggregate material.


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The multi-currency capabilities of Shopify are excellent, and you can use them to make your store available worldwide. However, if you’re looking for an alternative to WordPress that offers greater flexibility and control over your eCommerce platform, then BigCommerce is a great option.

This WordPress alternative is ideal for businesses that want to sell products in international markets because the multi-currency features are second-to-none, and they’re considerably easier to manage than what Shopify provides.

The fact that BigCommerce won’t charge transaction fees for the transactions you execute is fantastic. That’s a real advantage for anyone who can’t afford to waste money on their campaigns.

Saying that, this famous content management system does have a yearly limit, after which you’ll be forced to upgrade your plan to something more costly if you make too many sales in a short period. You’ll need to look at their options and pricing to discover more.

If you decide to go with BigCommerce instead of WordPress, there are a few things to keep in mind. Even though it’s simple to accept payments in various currencies, it’s challenging to set up multi-lingual shops. This implies you’ll need the assistance of premium templates and third-party applications.

Furthermore, there aren’t as many cutting-edge designs available when it comes to templates for Shopify or Weebly.


  • It’s simple to sell items in a variety of currencies.
  • You may also sell goods on other marketplaces if you have a shop.
  • There are no transaction costs involved until you’re selling significant quantities (or till the end of time).
  • 99,999% uptime guarantee for peace of mind
  • Adding shipping costs might provide a more personalized experience.


  • Premium and free themes are both a cost.
  • The editor isn’t as advanced as Shopify or WordPress.
  • The blogging platform isn’t as good as WordPress
  • Pricing plans are more expensive.
  • Blogging options not ideal

Best for: You’ll have to pay extra fees to use BigCommerce in countries where the local currency is not USD. It’s also possible that you won’t be able to get credit in certain jurisdictions since PayPal does not support them yet. This may be a viable option for big-ticket items due to its broad acceptance. However, it might require more effort than initially anticipated.


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If you’re just getting started in the world of digital marketing and eCommerce for the first time, you’ll want a simple tool. Weebly can help with that. Weebly is one of the most easy-to-use website builders available on the market. Forty million websites have been created using Weebly, which is quite staggering.

If you have Weebly’s free plan, you’ll have to live with some branding on your website, but it’s barely visible. In addition, for a low price, you may design and operate your domains without any branding. Weebly’s blog feature is one of the most simple and adaptable.

There are a variety of layouts to select from, as well as elements such as contact forms and galleries, which you may use. Audio and video can also be integrated into your pages.

You may also make your Weebly site more unique by selecting a distinct theme. While WordPress and Drupal offer a more comprehensive array of designs, choosing pieces for your Weebly website isn’t as easy as it is with those platforms. There are, however, still several options to pick from.

Weebly also offers you the option of editing and updating your themes, a feature not available with WordPress. This makes Weebly an excellent alternative to WordPress for people who need to construct smaller startup websites. In addition, the tools available for modifying and upgrading your themes are simple.

This makes Weebly the best WordPress alternative for WordPress users, particularly those requiring small-scale websites.


  • It’s perfect for novices with little computer-programming expertise.
  • Backend and user interface that is easy to use
  • There are several design templates to select from.
  • To get you started, the app contains training features and onboarding tools.
  • Loading speeds


  • It’s difficult to add custom content types to your pages.
  • It isn’t easy to include sophisticated marketing tools on your site.
  • You’ll have to migrate manually, which is inconvenient.

Best for: Weebly is great for people who want to set up a website to share and sell items online. It’s not as complicated as Drupal or Jekyll, yet it does have some unique features that will enhance your user interface experience from start to end. There’s no need for you to learn more coding if you use Weebly.


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Webflow is a helpful website builder ideal for creating mobile-friendly sites. This is excellent software if you’re searching for a WordPress alternative like Drupal or Jekyll with similar features. Webflow differs from other options on the market today in that it encourages you to have some prior experience.

Although Webflow isn’t meant to be difficult, it does need some prior coding experience to get the most out of all of its features. It’s worth noting that this program is specially tailored for individuals who work in the field of web design daily. You should have a basic understanding of Markdown, flat files, MySQL, and other such concepts.

That implies you won’t be able to pick up the tool and master it in a few minutes. You’ll have no trouble navigating if you’re familiar with WordPress plugins and static sites.

WebFlow is more time-consuming to utilize than Wix or WordPress, and it takes a lot of effort and works to maximize your site. If you’re prepared to put in the extra coding work, you’ll wind up with a unique place compared to anything you’d get using a primary drag-and-drop site builder. WebFlow enables you to keep all your needs in one location by hosting them.


  • There are lots of customization alternatives provided, ensuring truly individual websites.
  • This is ideal for dynamic content and eCommerce.
  • There are a plethora of templates available to get you started.
  • Features that are comparable to WordPress in terms of quality
  • For individuals with programming expertise, this is the best alternative.


  • It isn’t user friendly, unlike other website building tools.
  • For assistance, there is no live chat or phone support.
  • When compared to most wordpress alternatives on the market, these plans are more costly.

Best for WebFlow is designed for web designers who want to create cutting-edge websites for their clients. It doesn’t require tremendous technical expertise, but you’ll need to get the fundamentals down and learn how to navigate the platform in time.


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Finally, if you think developing a WordPress website is complicated, Joomla isn’t for you.

Joomla’s CMS is a fantastic alternative to WordPress, but it isn’t the best option for people seeking simplicity in their service. While WordPress may appear to be a website-building tool for novices, it does have some flaws. Joomla, on the other hand, is more complicated and comprehensive.

Although Joomla’s ease of use and functionality take some getting used to, it is far more secure than WordPress. Because there are more users for WordPress or Drupal, hackers will generally choose those platforms because they’re the safest options.

Finally, the service includes 2-factor authentication as a standard. This makes it more difficult for people to gain access to your site.

Unfortunately, the Joomla third-party integration ecosystem isn’t as robust as WordPress’s. You won’t be able to access WooCommerce plugins with WordPress. However, compared to WordPress, Joomla is better positioned in Google search engine results, Joomla is better positioned in Google search engine results compared to WordPress because of its more sophisticated URLs.


  • Joomla has a great deal of a lots of free plugins available.
  • It’s superior for multi-lingual selling to WordPress.
  • Modules are adaptable and may be relocated to separate pages or menus.
  • The majority of the URLs are optimized for SEO.


  • Community isn’t as large as it is with WordPress
  • It’s challenging to manage plugins.
  • It’s difficult to grasp initially, but the interface is simple.

Best for: Joomla has some excellent tools for creating immersive websites, but it isn’t the most user-friendly software. You’ll need to put in some effort before you feel entirely comfortable with the platform.


When building an excellent website, the right tool is crucial.

WordPress has many features, including top SEO and cutting-edge blogging capabilities, which is why it’s a popular choice for businesses. However, WordPress isn’t the only game in town and won’t suit everyone.

If you want more design control, a lower learning curve, or even better data analytics, one of the WordPress alternatives in 2022 described above might be a superior alternative.

If your firm has developed expertise and is eager to experiment with things like Node.JS, or if you need a simple solution that’s easy for novices, there’s something for everyone.

It’s now up to you. We’ve supplied all the information on some top-rated WordPress alternatives. Our advice is to go out and test some of the free trials’ offerings for yourself. That’s the most excellent method to ensure you get the type of functionality you require.

Contact us if you’re interested in building your eCommerce store.