In today’s business era, having the best interactive website is a must. It’s the best tool to keep your audience engaged and keep up with the competition.

But, what is an interactive website, and how can you make one? An interactive website is an optimised website. It allows you to communicate and interact with your audience effectively. This is why many web designers are now turning to interactive web design for their web development projects. 

In this article, you’ll know:

  • What Is Interactive Website
  • Why Is Interactive Website Important to Business Success
  • Components of an Interactive Website

What is an Interactive Website?

As briefly discussed above, an interactive website is an optimised website. It offers a more personalised experience for users and invokes engagement from your visitors.

Furthermore, it encourages customers and potential buyers to take action. This typically includes methods, such as getting product reviews, comment on your articles and quizzes.

Moreover, an interactive website encourages your audience to share your content with others. Thus, if you ever need a highly interactive website, you may hire help from a reliable web design company like Xploited Media.

Web design companies such as Xploited Media can help you build your site using interactive web design. This is to ensure that your website will perform to its full capacity, making your audiences feel more involved and appreciated.

Why is Interactive Website Important to Business Success?

An interactive website is essential to business success because of the following reasons:

Best Interactive Website Encourages More Engagement

An interactive website is vital to your business success as it encourages more engagement. It makes your website attractive, garnering more attention and action from web users.

It Inspires Users to Spend More Time on Your Web Pages

An interactive web design provides a smooth user experience, inspiring end-users to spend more time on your content. This will increase the conversion rates of your business and decrease its bounce rates, boosting the SEO of your site.

It Provides More Personalised User Experience

Providing a personalised user experience to your customers is a must. This makes your customers or audiences feel more valued, involved and satisfied.

Website Personalisation creates customised experiences for the visitors of your site. It provides tailored experiences that meet their needs and desires as consumers of your products or services. 

Keep Users Engaged

With an interactive website, you can keep your audience engaged—resulting in a long-term relationship with them. In other words, it exceedingly contributes to the overall profitability of your business.

As a business owner, it’s best to remember that user engagement is your resource to grow your business. Thus, it’s highly essential to constantly offer valuable content and special offers. 

This will allow you to make money through service with ads, sales, products or subscriptions.

Increases Brand Awareness

Interactive web design websites help you create a lasting effect in the user’s mind. Thus, it’ll improve your brand awareness and reach.

Encourage Backlinks

The more you build your website to be interactive, the more it encourages users to recommend it to others and link back to it. This will help improve your website authority, helping you to rank better on search engine result pages (SERPs). 

More Conversions

The more value you offer your customers, the more conversions you’ll have that will potentially translate to more sales!

Components of Best Interactive Website

Now that we’ve covered the importance of the best interactive website to your business, you might be curious how you can make your website interactive. So, without much further ado, here are the components that will make your website interactive:

1. Functional and Appealing Web Design to Get the Best Interactive Website

One of the essential elements of an interactive website is its web design. With it, you can boost users’ first impressions by 94%. You should keep your overall web design functional and pleasant to build a positive interaction for the users.

Make sure to plan out your web design carefully and opt for colours you’ll use in your palette, as well as the font pairings you’ll highlight and your overall web layout.

2. Mobile-Friendly 

According to a source, over 70% of users spend their time on the internet on mobile devices. Thus, ensuring to make your site interactive is a must. 

You’ll likely be left behind by your competitors and suffer loss if your site isn’t mobile-friendly. Web users won’t likely engage in a company with a site poorly viewed on mobile devices.

According to the Hosting Tribunal, those companies that invested in a responsive design of their website increased their sales by 62%.

3. Fast Page Speed

Page speed is crucial in making your audience stay on your page. In today’s age of instant information, no one will stick around even if your page contains fascinating elements. 

Thus, ensure to work on this aspect to prevent readers from leaving your page too shortly. This will lower your bounce rate, letting Google consider your site as valuable.

4. Search Bar

Adding a search bar to your site will improve user interaction with your site. It’ll help them find content that fits their needs faster and smoother.   

5. Navigation Menus

One of the best interaction forms is the navigation menu. It’s important to build your menu as easy and accessible as possible for the users. This way, your audience will not find another site to look into as they’re satisfied with what you’re providing.

6. Internal Linking

Internal linking is a proven way to provide a good user experience, simply by attaching links throughout your texts. This will improve the interaction of web users with your website. 

With internal links, you’re providing additional relevant content to your user, improving the content on your site.

7. Interactive Tools

Interactive tools boost user engagement and increase conversion. However, ensure that the tools you’re using fit your business objectives to prevent users from feeling that it’s too random and out of place.

You can utilise interactive tools, such as the following to ensure boosting your user engagement:

  • Google Maps (to show your company’s location)
  • Interactive calendars (for booking appointments)
  • Calculator (for cost estimation)

8. Customer’s Feedback

Gathering feedback from your user’s experience with your brand will increase the positive image of your brand, boosting customers’ trust in your business.

You may ask your audience or customers about their experience with your brand after using your products or services. This way, you’ll increase your ratings.

The feedback may come in a variety of forms, such as stars or smiley faces, so opt for the best one that suits your business. 

These are some of the components that you can include in building your website to make it interactive. 

Build Your Own Best Interactive Website Today

In today’s business era, having the best interactive website can help you push your business forward. Thus, it’ll be beneficial for your business to venture into this type of website to have higher chances of conversions that will, later on, translate to sales.

If you don’t have your own interactive website yet, you can hire help from trusted website developers to ensure your business site is performing to its full potential.