There is no denying that if you run a modern business then you need to get to grips with social media marketing. Whilst you know that social media marketing is important, this doesn’t mean that it is straightforward and easy to get to grips with.

Not knowing how best to get to grips with social media marketing can be frustrating, so, to help you to understand where you might be going wrong as well as what you need to be doing in order to get it right, we have put together our top 4 ways to dominate social media marketing during 2020.

Gather Data On Your Lead Generation

Reporting within social media is not something that is new, but the focus of your reporting has definitely changed of late. For some time it has been the case that you need to think about the likes and followers that your social media profile attracts. Of course, it is good to have followers, but the thing that really matters is how many of those turn into customers. When you know this, you know that you are on the right path.

4 Ways To Dominate Social Media Marketing In 2020 xpm social marketing 1 Dominate Social Media Marketing xpm social marketing 1

Try To Bring In Text Messaging Too

When it comes to marketing your business it really pays to try and take every single approach that you can. It is a great idea to try and combine your social media marketing with text message marketing. You can use social media as the initial contact point, then, when you have them hooked in, you can start to reach out to them and market more through text messages.

Be Personal

Following on from the above point, the great thing about adding text messaging to your social media marketing efforts is that it allows you to be more personal. You can identify those who are “superfans” on your social media and then get in touch with them via messaging, be that text messages, WhatsApp or other services such as Slack.  This gives a sense of being a part of an exclusive club and also helps you to share key pieces of information that you think could relate to those “superfans” such as promotions or sales.

Be On Top Of The Trends

The thing about social media is that the trends are always changing and moving. This means that you need to do your best to stay on top of them and move with the times. Failure to do this can leave you falling behind your competitors. One approach at the moment that really can work to your advantage is creating a GIF. GIFS are not only a great way to gain attention from your audience, but they are also incredibly shareable. This means that you can benefit from some free marketing of your business whenever someone shares your post.

As you can see, social media marketing can be easy enough to get right. There are just some things that you need to put in place and focus on in order to make the most of your efforts and keep things working the way that they should.