It is no secret that your business, no matter its size, is going to need a website in order to be a success. Some people think that they can simply create a website themselves using a free online template, but this leads to a sea of generic and not fit for purpose websites that are not really doing what they need to and take you a huge amount of time.

Of course, you can pay out over 20,000 Rand to have a website designed for you by a professional agency, but if money is a concern for you then there is an alternative option for you to consider.

Enter the pay monthly website

Much like a subscription works, you can also take a look at pay monthly websites, these are designed to allow you to utilise the service of a professional website designer without it breaking the bank. Sounds like the ideal choice for you as a business? Why not check out some of the reasons why pay monthly websites are the perfect way to go. 

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They give you a unique website 

One of the most beneficial reasons to use a pay monthly website is that it allows you to have a unique website that is entirely suited to your business. This means that you don’t have to worry about having a website that is exactly the same as others out there, but that it will also look professional and up to standard. Which is something that your customers are going to be looking for. 

They are value for money

A pay monthly website setup is still going to cost you money, you will be hard pressed to get away from this fact, but what you can do is try to make sure that you get value for money for your website design. These websites often cost as little as 900 Rand per month and for that you are not only getting the all important initial design, but you are also getting advice, guidance and support should your website run into problems during its lifetime. Something that can cost you a whole lot more if you are paying out for help and changes from a website design agency. 

4 reasons to choose a pay monthly website xpm 4 reasons 1 pay monthly website xpm 4 reasons 1

Your website will be fit for purpose

Another plus point to paying out for a professional website design is that you know that it is going to be 100% fit for purpose. It will be designed to be mobile responsive, which means that you will display in mobile devices and it will also be SEO friendly too, which is something that is hugely important for websites in these modern times. 

Everything is secure

Security is hugely important in these modern times and it is something that every business needs to take seriously. A professional website design agency are going to make sure that every single feature of your website is secure and will protect the data of your customers whenever they visit. Something that you simply cannot put a price on. 

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons why it is worthwhile taking a look at your website hosting and design options and choosing to pay monthly for your set up. Sure, it is going to cost your business money, but we can promise you that in the long term you will be glad that you made the effort and spent out.