Having a website is a key part of running a successful business. It is not only the portal that people can buy from you or book with you, but it is also where they will go when they want to find out more about you. 

It can be said that any website is better than no website, but is this really the case? We don’t necessarily think so. In fact, if you don’t want to end up turning away your South African audience, then here are 10 of the biggest web design sins that you should be avoiding. 

You don’t make it clear who you are and what you do! 

When someone visits your website they are going to want to know who you are and what you can do for them straightway, so make this clear. Not only this, but make sure that they know that you are experts in what you do too, else they are going to disappear to look for one. 

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The font that you use isn’t easy to read

If you cannot read the text on a website then are you going to stick around? Probably not. Make sure that your font is big enough to read and that it is not a tricky colour and you will keep those visitors interested. 

10 Web Design Sins In South Africa

You have not made an effort to be mobile friendly

There is no two ways about it, you need to be visible on mobile if you want your website to be a success. Not only does your website need to be viewable on mobile, but it also needs to be easy to click on links and buttons too. 

The website takes more than 3 seconds to load

Yes, you heard us right, 3 seconds! We are impatient as people and we want to make sure that a website that we are spending our precious time looking at, loads quickly and fully. Else we are going to take our eyes somewhere else! Speed not only improves your users experience but is also a key aspect of SEO.

Links take people to new windows

How annoying is it to be on a website, click a link, only to find yourself transported to a whole new window? Pretty annoying. So, make sure that your website doesn’t do this, keep your trail neat and tidy and your visitors will thank you for it. 

Things are hard to find

Customers will want to know more about your services and products, so make sure that this information is easy to find and easy to click through, else they will get bored of looking and head elsewhere. 

Social media links are right at the top of the page

Now we all know that social media is important, but your social media platforms should never take over the interaction with your website. Never put the links to your social media profiles at the top of the page, as chances are that visitors will leave to head there. Instead, pop them at the bottom and make them a call to action that people can follow once they have learnt more about you. 

10 Web Design Sins In South Africa

You lack headings 

Headings might seem relatively un-important, but when it comes to reading through a website they are. They break up the text and make it even easier to make key information easy to find, which is useful for your customers when they are browsing though. 

Your contact information is hard to find 

When we like what we see on a website, there is a likelihood that we are going to want to get in touch with the company and find out more, or book in with them. This means that your contact information should be easy to find. If it isn’t, then you may lose that potential customer that you have tried so hard to appeal to. 

The Website is not secure 

We all like to feel secure, particularly when we are online and potentially handing over data and information. It is vital that your business website is secure, not only because it will be a red flag to your potential customers, but also search engines won’t view it in a positive light. 

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Website design isn’t always easy, but we hope that these top 10 things to avoid will help you to make the perfect website for your business. Not only ensuring that you appeal to your South African audience but they carry on to book with you or buy from you! 

Still no convinced and need further guidance? Get in touch with us today and see how we can help with your web design needs today!